Monday, Feb 04, 2013

Monday (Attitude): Pressing On through Tough Times

toughtimesAll of us in our writing careers encounter difficult times. Times that threaten to overwhelm us. Times that legitimately keep us from writing. Times that present obstacles to meeting our deadlines.  These times include illness, whether our own or that of a family member, death, a problem with children, or a financial crisis.  What do you do to keep pressing on through tough times?

Here are a few tips that have kept me moving forward through my own tough times:

1) Pray. There is nothing like prayer to help us through tough times.  Prayer connects us with God, our Healer and our Deliverer.  When we pray, we tap into the infinite resources of strength, wisdom, and power of God. 

2) Delegate. You don’t have to do it all yourself.  There are people willing and happy to help you if you will but ask.  Delegate those jobs that others can do and retain the jobs that only you can do, like your writing.

3) Rest in God.  This may be the most difficult step of the three, but it is most likely the most important.  To rest in God means to trust Him. It means to know that He is not only able but also willing to heal you and to deliver you.  When we rest in God, we know beyond the shadow of a doubt that He will come through for us.

What do you do to get you through those inevitable tough times during your writing career?  We’d love to hear from you.

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One thought on “Monday (Attitude): Pressing On through Tough Times

  1. I just have a comment; I adore what you have written in #3. It brings great comfort just reading it. Your faith is indeed a beacon of light.