Monday, Feb 18, 2013

Monday Makeover: It’s about Attitude, Dude!

Like a lot of people, I had a rough childhood.  One day while still in my early twenties, I stood in front of a mirror and said aloud, “Girl, your past can either make you or break you.  Which is is going to be?”  Then, in an even louder voice, I shouted, “My past is going to MAKE me!”  And that was the beginning of my growth journey to freedom.

I won’t say that journey was easy, but it was a journey that eventually led me to accept Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord and to learn about the dominion and victory I have in Him and through Him.  Now, over 40 years later, I can say that it was my attitude about my past that was instrumental in creating the future I now live.  Had I decided to let my past break me, only God knows where I’d be today. But by His grace, I am who I am and where I am because of my choice of attitude.  

You see, attitude is the way you perceive your life circumstances.  As the old saying goes, it’s not what happens to us that matters; it’s how we perceive what happens to us that matters.

How do you perceive what is happening in your writing life right now? Perhaps you’ve just gotten another rejection–your fifty-third for the same novel.  If your attitude is right, you’ll look on that fifty-third rejection not as another failure but as another step closer to an acceptance.

No matter what your past writing life has been like, determine today to adopt an attitude of victory. As a follower of Jesus Christ, you have already been given all things that you need to succeed for Him (2 Peter 1:3).  Believe and embrace that truth and make it the overarching attitude of your life.  Then watch God do miracles in your midst.

What attitude has been holding you back in your writing life?  What are you going to do about it?

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