Wednesday, Feb 20, 2013

Wednesday (Business): E-Book Conversions

Many writers today are turning their manuscripts into e-books.  I myself have done so with three of my manuscripts: a short story, a full-length non-fiction book, and a short book on writing.

What is and e-book?  In case you don’t know, the term “e-book” stands for “electronic book”.  In other words, an e-book is an electronic or digital version of a traditional manuscript.  This means that an e-book is read on a computer or another reading device such as a Kindle, a Nook, an iPad, or a SmartPhone.

In order for a manuscript to be converted into an e-book, it must go through a special coding process. In other words, the words of the manuscript must be converted into an electronic code that makes it readable on computers and reading devices. While an author can certainly learn how to do this coding, it takes time to learn and to do.  As a result, companies have emerged that offer coding conversion services.  

One such company is Living Parables, the company I use to convert my manuscripts into e-books. Owner Cheri Cowell is a magnificent lady who offers professional, reliable, and extra-mile service to all of her clients.  I highly recommend this company.

With e-book publishing’s amazing growth in the marketplace, you may wish to consider turning your manuscript into an e-book.  It is an efficient and effective way to get your book into the marketplace quickly and professionally so that you can begin to reap the fruit of your labor sooner rather than later. 

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