Friday, Mar 01, 2013

Friday Fix (Craft): Upping the Tension

tensionTension is a key element in keeping our reader turning pages.  But how can we create tension that does this?  Let’s take a look at a few tips that will keep the tension rising in your story:

1) Keep raising the stakes for your main character.  The more your main character stands to lose, the greater the tension.

2) Keep putting pressure on your character.  Pressure forces your character to dig down deep within herself to see what’s really there, what she’s really made of. 

3) Keep your reader guessing by adding new twists to your main character’s conflict. Just when she seems to be overcoming, throw something in her path that knocks the wind out of her.

Upping the tension in your story will up the tension in your readers. And since your readers want to resolve their own tension about your story, they will keep on reading until the very end when you resolve your main character’s tension. 

What do you do to up the tension in your stories? 

For further study, check out this great article published by Writer’s Digest Magazine on building tension in your story:


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