Wednesday, Mar 20, 2013

(Business): Finding Your Niche

nicheMarketers know that finding one’s niche is essential to business success. The same is true of writing. Finding your writing niche is essential to your success as a writer.  Why?  Here are three reasons:

1) Your niche establishes you as an expert. If you write romantic suspense, then you will become known as an expert in romantic suspense.

2) Your niche enables you to deepen and mature as a writer in that niche. The more you write mysteries, for example, the better you will become at writing mysteries.

3) Your niche attracts faithful readers.  As you become known as a writer of a particular genre, you will attract readers of that genre. Your faithfulness in continuing to write in your chosen genre will transfer to faithful readers of your stories.

Have you discovered your writing niche? If so, please share it with us.


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