Friday, Apr 05, 2013

(Craft) After You Type “The End”

the endThis past week, I typed “The End” to my latest novel, CAPTIVE NO MORE, a story about overcoming a spirit of control.  Although I’ve finished writing my story, I still have a few things to do before submitting it to my agent. To make sure my story is ready for submission, I will ask myself the following questions:

  • Does my opening sentence hook my reader?
  • Does my story start in the right place?
  • Does my story fall into the three-act structure of storytelling?
  • Have I included the four key plot points?
  • Does every scene serve a purpose?
  • Does every scene end in a way that my reader wants to continue reading?
  • Are my transitions between scenes and chapters smooth and logical?
  • Does the tension build to a climax?
  • Are my characters well-rounded, memorable, and life-like?
  • Is my theme evident by the end of the story?

Once I am satisfied with my answers to these questions, I will submit my story.  What about you? What questions do you ask yourself after you type “The End”?


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