Friday, Apr 12, 2013

(Craft): Novel Beginnings

foundation2“Beginning is half done.”  So goes an old saying that can be applied to writing a story. The beginning of your story is the place where you lay the foundation of your story. Just as in building a house, the stronger the foundation, the more solid will be the structure you build on it.  

When building a foundation for a house, there are certain elements that a builder must include to ensure a solid base. The same is true when writing a story. There are certain elements you must include in the beginning section of your story.  These elements include the following:

  • Introduction of the protagonist.
  • Introduction of the antagonist (usually occurs at the end of the beginning).
  • The set-up for the plot; i.e., everything that is to follow in the middle and ending of your story.
  • The establishment of the protagonist’s stakes.

While completing the beginning of your story doesn’t mean you won’t have challenges up ahead, a solid beginning will give you a solid foundation on which to build the rest of your story.
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