Monday, Apr 15, 2013

(Attitude): Keeping the Faith

The writing journey is a test of faith.  Not only is it a single test of faith, it is a series of repeated tests of faith. The degree to which we pass those tests is the degree to which we will be effective in our writing.

One thing about God is that if we fail a test He gives us, we get to take the test again. And again. And again. God will not promote us to the next level until we’ve passed the test at a given level.  So it behooves us to do our best to pass the test the first time.

What are some attitudes that keep us from passing a test? Here are a few of which I have been guilty:

  • Lack of Focus.  Early on in my writing career, I wrote a little bit of everything. As I matured, I realized that I needed to focus on one genre and become good at it. For a while, I focused on articles and became successful in both writing them and selling them. Then I felt led to start focusing on fiction writing. I am becoming competent in this area of writing and beginning to meet with good success.
  • Discouragement. It is easy to allow ourselves to get discouraged on the writing journey. After all, it takes months, even years, before we see the fruit of our labor. But discouragement is not from God. When we are tempted with discouragement, we must do as David did. We must rehearse our former victories and encourage ourselves in the Lord.
  • Impatience. Perhaps more than any other profession, the writing profession requires patience. Results take a long time in coming. While we are waiting, we can grow weary. But Scripture commands us not to grow weary in doing good. We need to keep in mind that writing for Christ is doing good.

What are some ways you keep the faith in your writing journey?

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4 thoughts on “(Attitude): Keeping the Faith

  1. Dear MaryAnn: Thanks so much for sharing; your faith and depth of belief in the face of discouragement is indeed a definite source of power in encouraging others. I truly believe it is a good thing to ‘shake things up’ a little and change course every now and again. Sometimes we need a different method of ‘seeing.’ After Jesus arose and appeared to the Apostles, they didn’t recognize him immediately, in all four Gospels; perhaps that signifies to me that changing course and being ‘open’ [in faith]to various methods of written discourse will allow me to escape ‘my’ rigid control over my writing endeavors.

  2. MaryAnn,
    One way I keep the faith is to subscribe to your blog. Your articles help me regain my focus when I begin to stray, remain encouraged when discouragement tries to come in, and develop patience in the life and process of writing.
    Thank you!