Friday, Apr 19, 2013

(Craft): Dynamic Dialogue

Knowing how to write realistic dialogue is key in writing good fiction. But what is realistic dialogue?

In my observation, realistic dialogue is characterized by one overarching element: Rhythm.  When dialogue sounds realistic, it will flow rhythmically, but not necessarily in a smooth way.  For example, rhythmic dialogue may be choppy at times, reflecting the way we talk in real life.  When we listen carefully to conversations, we note that most of us frequently use sentence fragments instead of complete sentences. 

Rhythmic dialogue easily lends itself to a back-and-forth conversation that flows logically from one character to another. Rhythmic dialogue creates a momentum that advances your story both visually and aurally. Rhythmic dialogue keeps your reading turning pages.

For  more info on writing realistic dialogue, check out this article:

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One thought on “(Craft): Dynamic Dialogue

  1. Great ideas, MaryAnn! Dialogue can be tricky and hard to manipulate. The rules change with dialogue, and become less formal and definitely realistic/rhthmyic dialogue is key to pull in readers.
    Thanks for your advice.