Wednesday, May 01, 2013

(Business): The Radio Interview

microphone2During your writing career, you may be asked to do a radio interview. A radio interview is a strategic venue for promoting your book. Its advantage is that potential buyers not only get to read about your new book; they also get to hear you discussing your new book.  Live discussion adds a human element to your promotion that a printed discussion does not.

When doing a radio interview, keep the following points in mind:

1) Be prepared. Usually, the program host will request a list of questions from you about your book. Prepare this list carefully, highlighting those aspects of your book that you wish to emphasize. Be sure to include some personal things about yourself to establish rapport with your listeners.

2) Be relaxed. Take a few deep breaths before starting the interview. Picture yourself talking to your best friend over a cup of coffee instead of to millions of radio listeners. As you focus on speaking to one person, you will come across as calm and friendly while speaking to a huge audience.

3) Be yourself. Nothing will endear you more to your listeners than being who you are. There is no one like you, so milk your uniqueness for all it’s worth. And it’s worth a lot. As the saying goes, when God made you, He threw away the mold. Rejoice in who you are. Give your listeners the gift of yourself. There is no greater gift you can give them.

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