Monday, May 06, 2013

(Attitude): A Writer’s Resolve

bookThroughout your writing career, you will encounter situations that will shake you to the core, causing you to question what you are doing.  Such situations may take the form of family problems, health problems, financial problems, or professional problems. Whatever these problems may be, determine now that you will not let them rob you of your writing dream.

Dreams are delicate commodities. They can easily be stolen, broken, or killed. Preserving your dream is up to you. Here are some techniques I have used to preserve my writing dream for over 35 years:

1) Expect dream-stealers to try to steal your dream. Dream-stealers come in all shapes and sizes. They sound something like this:

  • What makes you think you can write?
  • Have you been published yet? If not, why are you wasting your time?
  • When are you going to find a real job?

2) Expect your dream to be tested and tried. As gold is tested by fire to determine its level of purity and strength, so will your dream be tested by fire to determine its purity and strength. 

3) Expect yourself to hold on to your dream. If your dream is strong enough, if your passion for writing is intense enough, nothing will stop you from writing. 

Bottom-line, it’s up to you to protect and preserve your dream. No one else will do it for you. When nay-sayers criticize you and your dream, turn a deaf ear. When jealousy-mongers tell you you can’t do it, turn the other way. When critics tell you you’ll never get published, tell them you will.

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