Friday, May 17, 2013

(Craft) Write What You Know, or Know What You Write?

parasailingA popular dictum among fiction writers instructs us to write what we know. But what if you want to write about something you don’t know, something about which you have little or no knowledge, but about which you’d like to learn more?  

If this describes you, then go for it!  Go for that research about a subject that has always interested you.  Go for that experience that you’ve always wanted to have but never got around to it.  For example, my daughters had always wanted to go parasailing but had never done so.  Last summer, they determined they would fulfill their long-standing dream and go parasailing.  They had a great time! Now parasailing is part of their wonderful experience as individuals and as sisters.

Take time this week to list subjects you’d like to learn about or experiences you’d like to have. Then take action. That new knowledge and that new experience will find its way into your story or even become the main subject of your story.  The great thing about writing fiction is that you can create your own world with raw material from the real world. What that raw material is is entirely up to you! 


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