Friday, Jun 07, 2013

(Craft) How to Unsag Your Middle

sagging middleNo. This is not a blog post about strengthening your midriff.  It is, however, a blog post about strengthening the middle of your novel.

Unless well-planned in advance, novels often threaten to sag as they reach the midpoint.  So, what can you do to prevent a sagging middle?  Here are a few proven tips:

1) The middle of your story is where your protagonist enters a new world. At this point, she needs to learn the rules of this new world. Ask yourself this question:  What are the rules of this new world?

2) Give your protagonist tests while she learns the rules of her new world.  Show her struggling to pass those tests.

3) At the end of the middle, your protagonist will encounter the worst test of the story. Create a test that will defy all solution, then have your protagonist pass the test. 

The middle should be the most exciting part of your story.  When you know what goes into the middle and how to put it there, you will create a strong middle that will result in a strong story from beginning to end. 

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