Monday, Jun 17, 2013

(Attitude) The Power of Focus

Many writers fail to reach their goals simply because of a lack of focus.  Without focus, our goals will lack direction, power, and fulfillment.

Let’s consider an analogy between a laser light and an incandescent light. Basically, there is only one difference between a laser light and an incandescent light.  That difference is the degree of concentration or focus.  A laser light is focused, whereas an incandescent light is diffused. Hence, a laser light is far more powerful than an incandescent light. 

The same is true of our writing goals. If they are diffused or unfocused, achieving them will be far more difficult. But if our writing goals are laser-like, or focused, achieving them will be more certain.

Would you describe your writing goals as laser lights or incandescent lights?  Your answer will determine whether you achieve your goals or you don’t.  Develop the attitude of a laser. Be focused. Focus generates the power to achieve and get results.

Photo Source: Microsoft Clipart


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