Friday, Jul 12, 2013

(Craft) What Makes a Story Memorable?

charactersWhat do you remember most when you read a story? If you’re like me, you remember the characters.  Characters are the key to great stories. If we care about the character, we will care about what happens to the character. What happens to the character is called plot. 

Without a character, there can be no plot. So how do we create memorable characters?

1) Give your character a goal. This goal will derive from something that occurs in the character’s life that turns her world upside down. Her goal will be to set her world right side up again. This process of setting her world right side up again will be your story.

2) Give your character a flaw. This flaw will create the conflict you need to give your story momentum. Your character’s flaw will also make her relatable to your readers.

3) Give your character an obstacle. The obstacle (or more than one) will draw out your character’s inner strength and help her to reach her goal.

Characters are the lifeblood of your story, and it is your great privilege and duty as a writer to make them memorable.

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