Wednesday, Jul 24, 2013

(Business) Trendy or True?

trendTrends come and go, like ocean waves at the shore.  Some writers have made it a habit to chase the trends; other writers could care less.  So the question arises: Is it important to follow trends?  If so, how much should a writer do so?

I am of the opinion that a writer should not follow trends; a writer should create trends. But how is this done? By asking yourself a simple question when an idea strikes. The question is: “Is this idea trendy or true?”

If an idea is trendy, generally it does not come from your heart. It comes from your pursuit of what’s selling. But if an idea is true, it comes from your heart regardless of what’s selling.

The best literature is that written from the heart. A story originating in the heart will almost always find a home in the marketplace. Such a story will end up becoming a trend-setter. It will cause such a stir among readers that it will establish a trend.

But if you’re wise, you won’t follow the trend. You’ll set your own standard for writing a story. And that standard will be your heart.


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