Monday, Sep 16, 2013

(Attitude) A Surefire Way to Fail at Writing

If you want to avoid failing at writing, then this could be the most important blog post you will ever read. You see, I’ve failed at writing, so I’m highly qualified to tell you what caused me to fail. I’m also highly qualified to tell you how I turned my failure into success.

First, let’s look at the problem. Failure at writing is due to a number of things, but I’ve boiled them down into one single thing:  a lack of belief in oneself.  Bottom line, writers who fail don’t believe they can succeed.

So, let’s say you’re one of those writers who don’t believe you can succeed at writing. Truth is, you’ve got a problem. A big problem. It’s called unbelief, and God isn’t too thrilled about unbelief.  Just check out Hebrews 11:6.  If you don’t solve your problem of unbelief, not only will you fail at writing, but, horror of horrors, you won’t please God.  As far as I’m concerned, nothing could be worse.

Not all that long ago (okay, 30-some years doesn’t seem so long ago), I was in your shoes. I doubted my ability to succeed as a writer. In fact, I couldn’t even call myself a writer. Right there was the single problem I talked about earlier: I didn’t believe in myself. 

So what did I do to change things? What did I do to start believing in myself?  I read a Scripture verse that said “Death and life are in the power of the tongue” (Proverbs 18:21).  An aha moment!  So, I grabbed hold of my tongue and commanded it to call me a writer. 

When people started to ask me what I did for a living, I said “I’m a writer.”  Of course, I nearly choked on the words at first. Calling myself something I wasn’t yet felt like lying, and I abhor lying. 

But I had also read Romans 4:17: “God calls those things that are not as though they were.”   Now, I knew for sure that God can’t lie, so I asked Him what He meant by that verse.  He said this verse contains the spiritual principle He used when He created the universe. When God created the universe, He first spoke words and then the words He spoke turned into the substance of the universe.

Another aha moment!  Since I’m made in God’s image, I, too, have to speak words before they turn into the substance of what I want.

So, I wasn’t lying at all. I was simply speaking the truth in advance. I figured if speaking the truth in advance is good enough for God, it’s certainly good enough for me. 

So I started speaking words to bring into being what I wanted.  I started calling myself a writer. I started saying that editors were asking me to write for them.  At that point in my career, editors were sending me volumes of rejection letters. 

But I kept speaking and speaking and speaking that I was a writer and that editors were asking me to write for them. 

A few years went by. I grew more comfortable with calling myself a writer. I started receiving a few acceptance letters. And then, lo and behold, the day came when an editor actually asked me to write for her.

Talk about being excited!  Yes, I was excited about the request to write. But I was more excited at the truth that God’s Word always works if we work it.

What worked for me can work for you, too. To help you, I’ve written a short booklet called Self-Image & the Writer.  It deals in about 10 pages with what I’ve discussed in this short blog post. You can purchase your copy through me for the very low price of only $0.49.  Yes, you read that right.  Less than half a dollar. Plus, it’s a quick read packed with punch. 

What is it worth to you to believe in yourself so that you can succeed at your writing?

Take advantage of this special offer today. The price will go back to $0.99 in the near future. You owe it to yourself to succeed at the calling which God placed on your life.  Order your copy of Self-Image & the Writer and turn your writing life around.

To show you how convinced I am that this little booklet will help you, I’ll throw in a free bonus of two articles I wrote. One is called “Five Fiction Facts” and the other is called “Hints for Reprints”.  Both are yours for free when you order Self-Image & the Writer.

To get your copy of Self-Image & the Writer, click on this link if you live outside New Jersey: Self Image & the Writer  

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Thanks for your order. At last you’ve found a surefire way to succeed at your writing!  Congratulations! 

Now, why not forward this blog post to some of your struggling writer friends and help them succeed as well?  They’ll be forever grateful to you.
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