Friday, Sep 27, 2013

(Craft) So, Why Write Your Story?

When my children were small, I used to make up stories for them at bedtime.  They delighted in helping me tell these stories. We never knew where the stories would take us, but we always had a story to tell.

Telling a story implies that you have a story to tell.  For those of us who write fiction, this means that writing a story means that we have a story to write.

While this may seem obvious, many fiction writers approach the blank page without a story.  They simply begin and expect the story to appear.  While this may sometimes happen, eventually we will lose our way somewhere in the middle, if not before.

Essential to good fiction is having a story to write.  The story you write is the “why” of your writing.  We write a story because we have something to say through that story. And we hope that what we have to say will somehow touch the lives of our readers.
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