Friday, Oct 04, 2013

(Craft) Resolving Conflict in Your Story

conflict resolutionEvery story must have conflict.  Conflict is woven through a story as a single main thread with sub-threads. By the time you finish your story, you must have tied up all loose threads.

How do you do this?

Keep your focus on the main thread of your story.  As you raise questions throughout your story, jot those questions down. When it is time to write the resolution, you can refer to this list of questions to make sure you have answered all of them.

Consider how your sub-threads relate to your main thread. Make note of all connections. Then, as you write your resolution, clear up all questions about the connections.

Give your reader some indication of your protagonist’s future.  Readers like to think that your character has a life after the story. Leave your protagonist with an open-ended path in your reader’s imagination. Let your reader fill in the blanks.

Resolving the conflict of your story gives your reader a sense of satisfaction that is a high point of the reading experience.

How do you resolve the conflicts in your story?

P.S. For more on conflict in story, check out my blog post called The Two Conflicts.

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