Wednesday, Oct 30, 2013

(Business) A New Direction for 2014?

As the end of 2013 fast approaches, I’ve been reconsidering the focus of this blog.  For a good while now, I’ve been blogging on the ABCs of fiction writing:  Attitude, Business, and Craft. On Mondays, I have been blogging about the attitude a fiction writer needs to succeed. On Wednesdays, I’ve been discussing the business aspect of fiction writing, and on Fridays, I’ve been posting on the craft of writing fiction.

I am considering streamlining my focus to only the craft of writing fiction. Before I do this, however, I would like to ask you, my faithful readers, if you think you would glean more from a craft focus or if you would like to see me continue the ABC approach.

Please let me hear from you. I write this blog to serve you and the Christian fiction writing community. Your input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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