Wednesday, Nov 13, 2013

(Business) Indie Publishing

Many writers are becoming frustrated with the long waits and low pay of traditional publishing and are turning to Indie publishing.

What is Indie publishing? Indie is short for “independent” and denotes writers who publish their work themselves. As more and more authors reap significant financial benefits from publishing their own books, the Big Five publishers have stopped looking down their noses at self-publishers. What once carried a huge stigma now carries respect.

So, is indie publishing for everyone? The answer is no. The real question to ask, however, is “Is indie publishing for me?”  Before you answer that question for yourself, however, ask yourself the preliminary questions below:

1)  Is indie publishing in my best interests? In other words, will publishing your own work reap you the rewards you want to reap from your writing efforts? These rewards are not only financial; they are also psychological, emotional, and relational. Some writers want to keep their professional fate in their own hands and not depend on market trends to determine their success.  Other authors get discouraged at the long waits that traditional publishing, by its very nature, imposes.  So consider each of these aspects when considering your “best interests”.

2) Am I prepared to tackle the many challenges associated with indie publishing? Challenges like hiring an outstanding editor to review your work, finding the best venue for digital conversion of your book, handling all the marketing on your own? As an indie publisher, you will be not only chief writer, but you will also be chief cook and bottle washer.  If you are prepared to handle all aspects of the publishing process–and I mean “all”– then indie publishing may be for you.

3) Will indie publishing help me fulfill the long-term goals I have set for my writing career? Will I reach the audience I want to reach? Will I be happy reaching only a niche market? Will I reach my financial goals for my writing?

These are only a few of the important questions you will need to ask yourself before choosing to become an indie publisher. Talk to others who have gone before you. Find out all you can before taking the plunge.  Once you are satisfied with the answers to your questions, then jump in and don’t look back.

You may then ask yourself why you waited so long.

Copyright 2013 by MaryAnn Diorio, PhD. All Rights Reserved.

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One thought on “(Business) Indie Publishing

  1. This is an excellent definition/explanation of Indie Publshing. I know many writers who have chosen this route and have been extremely satisfied. I have a question; since my own writing is at a standstill, I would truly love to advertise my skills of editing ( this is a talent I can claim). I never considered ‘Indie’ publishing, but this might just be the key.