Monday, Dec 30, 2013

(Attitude) Preparing for the New Year

This time of year, the topic of goal-setting is in the air. Everywhere we turn, we find articles on how to set goals, why to set goals, and where to set goals.So, what’s all the fuss about?

I’ve been a goal-setter for years, and I can vouch for the truth that setting goals is a key factor in accomplishing more.  There is something about goal-setting that causes the mind to focus andd to draw to itself resources needed for achieving what you set out to achieve.

So, in keeping with my practice of goal-setting, I have set the following goals for this blog:

1) Beginning in January 2014, I will post only once a week.

2) I will focus my posts on the craft of writing fiction.

3) I will include occasional interviews with published authors of fiction.

I would love to have you tell others about The Write Power. And I would love to hear what writing goals you have set for 2014.

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