Friday, Jan 03, 2014

Your Input Needed

focusHappy New Year to all of my faithful readers!  The Write Power is going through a transformation this year, and I need your input.  

This blog focuses on the ABCs of fiction writing.  Thus far, I have been devoting Mondays to the fiction writer’s ATTITUDE, Wednesdays to the BUSINESS of fiction writing, and Fridays to the CRAFT of fiction writing.

I am considering fine-tuning my focus to only the CRAFT of fiction writing and to posting only once a week.  Will this new focus meet your needs as a fiction writer? Or do you prefer the original ABC approach to my posts: Attitude, Business, and Craft?  If you prefer the new focus, what specific topics on the craft of fiction would be most helpful to you?

My desire is to serve you by providing topnotch information to help you grow as a fiction writer. Thank you so very much for your valued input.




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2 thoughts on “Your Input Needed

  1. MaryAnn; whatever works for you and whatever is convenient, too. My favorite part of the Write Power is Attitude. That provides inspiration to me; however, craft is also very helpful. Perhaps, devote one week to attitude, another to craft and the third to business.
    Blessings on whatever the other members say and what you choose.

    • Thanks so much for your input, Skye. It means a lot to me.

      I’ve decided to continue the same format of Attitude, Business, and Craft. It seems that this continuum best needs the needs of my readers. In conjunction with this, I will continue to post three times per week.

      Thank you again for your advice. I deeply appreciate it.

      Blessings for a wonderful new year!