Wednesday, Mar 12, 2014

Serial Publishing: Is It for You?

An old fiction practice is coming back into vogue. It is the practice of serial publishing.

What is serial publishing? It is the act of publishing one’s novel a little bit at a time; that is,in weekly or monthly chapters. Whereas these chapters used to appear in magazines and newspapers, they now appear in blogs and on websites.

Serial publishing was a favorite practice of authors way back in the 1800s when French novelist Honoré de Balzac and British novelist Charles Dickens introduced the concept with resounding success. Inspired by a Parisian businessman and newspaper owner who saw the amazing opportunity for increasing sales by publishing novels in installments in his newspaper, serial publishing took off like wildfire. Readers kept buying the next issue of the newspaper so as not to miss the next installment of the story.

With the advent of digital publishing, fiction authors are resurrecting the practice of serial publishing, also with great success. Novelists can now make their stories available to the public in small bytes (pun intended). Such a practice enables a reader to determine if she likes a book enough to buy it.

In serial publishing, authors may or may not post their entire story.  If they do, they may charge per chapter. If they do not post their entire story, they may use a few excerpts as a promotional item for their other books.  Some authors may post the entire story and then make it available for sale as a single book.

Whatever your preference, serial publishing has a lot to offer in terms of getting your work out there. If you haven’t done so already, check out this revived way of publishing your story. You may just get hooked!

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