Friday, Aug 22, 2014

(Craft) Crafting the Scene

Goal, motivation, or conflict should be a critical element of every scene we write.  Goal serves to present what your character wants. Motivation serves to explain why your character wants what she wants. Conflict serves to reveal what is keeping your character from getting what she wants.

Every scene must have one of these three elements plus two additional elements of your choosing. For example, you may write your first scene to present your protagonist’s goal but also to introduce her. You may write a later scene to reveal that your hero has lied to your heroine (conflict). You may write yet another scene to show that your heroine must find her missing brother in order to keep her sanity (motivation).

When writing your scenes, remember to include one of these three elements–goal, motivation, or conflict–in every scene. As you do, you will end up with powerful scenes that move your story forward.

For more information on writing scenes, check out Debra Dixon’s Goal, Motivation & Conflict .


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