Monday, Aug 25, 2014

(Attitude) The Humble Writer

Humility is a much and often misunderstood concept. To understand what humility is, let’s look at what it is not:

1) Humility is not putting yourself down.

2) Humility is not comparing yourself to others.

3) Humility is not denying your talents.

4) Humility is not refusing a compliment.

5) Humility is not taking no credit.

Now let’s look at what humility is:

1) Humility is agreeing with God that you are who He says you are and that you can do what He says you can do.

2) Humility is recognizing that you are a unique person of great worth to God, just as every other person is unique and of great worth to God.

3) Humility is acknowledging your talents and being grateful for them, understanding that they are gifts from God for the betterment of humanity.

4) Humility is graciously accepting a compliment with a simple “thank you,” knowing that without God you would have no talents.

5) Humility is acknowledging that you have cooperated and co-labored with God in creating a work of art.
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