Tuesday, Nov 04, 2014

(Attitude) The Social Media Frenzy

Are you in over your head with social media and marketing? If so, take heart. Countless writers are struggling with the seeming demands of marketing their work while trying to write new material. If this is you, listen up.

Years ago, I heard Gloria Copeland make a profound statement.  She said that whenever she is faced with assuming a new activity, she asks herself one question:  Will taking on this activity enhance or detract from my relationship with Jesus Christ?

This is a great question for us to ask ourselves when it comes to getting involved in social media. Too often, the Christian writer allows social media to rob her of intimate time with Christ.. Yet, nothing is more important for us than our relationship with Jesus. Out of that relationship flows everything we write. If the relationship is weak, our writing will be weak.  And I don’t necessarily mean our writing style, our story structure, or the wonderful way we put sentences together. I mean the heart of our writing.  Unless we are intimately connected to Jesus, our writing will lack life.

So let’s examine our writing lives. Have we fallen into a “keep up with the Joneses” attitude when it comes to social media?  Must we be on every single platform in order to succeed?  Obviously, the answer is no.  We have only one question to answer: Will getting involved in this social media platform enhance my relationship with Jesus or detract from it?  If we can answer that single question, everything else will fall into place.

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Dr. MaryAnn is the author of WHO IS JESUS?,  a delightfully heartwarming children’s picture book that presents Jesus as Love Personified.

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2 thoughts on “(Attitude) The Social Media Frenzy

  1. We need balance. If we’re publishing traditionally, editors demand we have an internet presence. But some of us also have outside jobs, or families, or ministries. We need balance, and that requires time with the Lord. ~ Pam