Wednesday, Jan 07, 2015

Is Your Heart Broken?

In my novella, A CHRISTMAS HOMECOMING, there is a character who dies of a broken heart. Doctors have documented evidence that one can die of a broken heart. The condition is called “broken heart syndrome” and can occur from the emotional stress of losing a loved one.

As we begin a new year, many of you who are reading this post have a broken heart. The suicide rate is highest right after Christmas because the sense of hopelessness seems to skyrocket at the beginning of a new year.

If your heart is broken today, there is hope for you. That hope is Jesus Christ.

Jesus said in His Word (the Bible) that “He heals the broken-hearted and bandages their wounds” (Psalm 147:3). Imagine that! The Creator of the Universe–the same One Who created you–wants to put your heart back together again! And Who is better equipped to do so than the One Who made your heart in the first place?  

No matter how your heart was broken, be assured that God did not break it. We have an enemy called Satan who is in the business of breaking hearts. But God is in the business of mending hearts.

Just give him your broken heart and ask Him to mend it. As He promised you in His Word, He will turn your ashes into beauty (Isaiah 61:3) and your mourning into joy (Jeremiah 31:13).

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One thought on “Is Your Heart Broken?

  1. This is simply wonderful and so is A Christmas Homecoming. I needed this source of inspiration today. I have lost many people in my life and my dog, as well, and I have been turning to our Lord for help and solace. I know you have had prayers of healing answered, MaryAnn, and I do feel Satan to be prowling around the faithful.
    Thank you for your message, inspiration and Bible verses. You are a treasure.