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Their Blood Cries Out!

My Thoughts on Dr. Nucatola and the Planned Parenthood Clip

“Guard your heart above all else, for it determines
the course of your life.” ~ Proverbs 4:23

After watching the horrific video clip with Dr. Nucatola of Planned Parenthood, I could not sleep. I lay in bed, pondering the depths of depravity to which our country has fallen. Over the last sixty-five years that I can remember (and I’m almost seventy years old), our country has been sliding on the slippery slope to utter corruption.

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A country that kills its own babies is a sick, sin-ridden country! It doesn’t get any worse than that, folks.

Grief overwhelmed me as our Lord began to show me in my spirit the unspeakably horrific nature of our national sin. What I saw sickened me. I could only imagine how it sickens the heart of the Father. My daughter Lia has rightly said that “We are no different from those who, in ancient times, sacrificed their children on the altar of Moloch.”

“A country that kills its own babies is a sick, sin-ridden country!”

I began to repent for America, the land that was once the land of the brave and the home of the free but now seems to have become the land of the spineless and the home of the licentious.

As I lay in bed thinking about the 55 million babies we have brutally slaughtered, I asked myself several questions. I invite you to ask yourself these same questions and to think about their implications:

How many future babies were in the sperm and eggs of those 55 million babies? And in their future babies? And in their future babies? And on and on? How many billions, if not trillions, of people have we actually lost?

• How many future spouses did those 55 million babies represent? Spouses whom God intended to be lifelong companions to others of their generation who were not subjected to the abortion knife?

• How many of those 55 million aborted babies will never experience the joy of parenting their own children nor the joy of seeing their own grandchildren? For these generations have also been viciously cut off.

• How many parents who aborted their babies will never have the caring help they need in old age, the caring help that children usually provide?

How much outstanding talent did America lose in those 55 million babies? How many leaders, inventors, scientists, teachers, authors, artists, composers, farmers, doctors, engineers, computer experts, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc., were in those 55 million murdered babies?

How much economic contribution to our society died with those innocent babies?

When I thought I could not bear it any longer, Holy Spirit spoke this heart-breaking question to me:

Of how many immortal souls has America robbed God the Father? Children meant to be a part of His family? Souls that would have been the offspring of those 55 million murdered babies and of their countless progeny? Souls that would have been a part of God’s eternal family in Heaven?

At Holy Spirit’s words, my heart broke.

Then Holy Spirit spoke to me again. “But just as the depth of your nation’s sin is great, so is My mercy far greater!”

America, it is time to fall on our faces and repent! To throw ourselves on God’s mercy. The blood of these slaughtered children cries out to the Father, and their voices will not be silenced until justice is done in the land.


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4 thoughts on “Their Blood Cries Out!

  1. Dearest MaryAnn: I feel very strongly about this topic; in fact, I am more than incensed; I am blind with anger and stricken with despair, and I am even more angry by the cavalier attitude so many of my personal friends have towards abortion—guess what, I know people with children, large homes, expensive cars and comfortable lifestyles; these women were not raped, assaulted or ill ( not even excuses for abortion, mind you) they had abortions because another child was inconvenient.
    No wonder our dear Lord is angry, no wonder the rain, tornadoes, lightening, heat, severe cold and hunger has stricken our country. Abortion is first-degree murder and this topic began to get to me when I was teaching—this and other topics. A culture that has simply gone out of control with morality and spirituality.