Monday, Jan 25, 2016

What’s Bugging You?

Sorting through Negative Emotions

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines
the course of your life.” ~ Proverbs 4:23

Have you ever felt emotionally out of sorts, but you couldn’t figure out what was going on inside you?

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Emotional confusion is more common than you may think. But sorting out our feelings does not have to be difficult.  With the help of Holy Spirit, we can get a handle on our emotions and bring them in alignment with God’s Word.

So, where do we begin?  We begin with the most dominant negative feeling.  Is it anger, fear, sorrow, jealousy, bitterness? Ask yourself what feeling you are feeling most strongly. Be honest. Only when you are honest will you be able to get to the root cause of your negative emotion.

Once you’ve identified your dominant negative feeling, consider what is going on in your life that could have triggered that emotion. Did something happen at work? At home? Did you have an argument with a very important person in your life?  Did you make a mistake that embarrassed you or caused you to lose face?

Once you’ve identified the cause of your negative feeling, analyze it. Is it something you could have avoided? If not, is it something you could have handled differently? What lesson did you learn from the incident?

Finally, be gentle with yourself. When you are experiencing a negative emotion, the best thing to do is to pray. Ask the Lord what is going on inside you. He will show you. Then ask Him how best to deal with the negative emotion. He will show you that, too.

Finally, make a habit of reading the Bible, especially the Book of Proverbs. In that book you will find all kinds of wonderful advice for dealing with negative emotions. As you apply God’s advice to your life, you will find that those negative emotions diminish while the positive emotions of joy and gratitude increase. 

Now that’s a Great Exchange!


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2 thoughts on “What’s Bugging You?

  1. Wonderful topic and great advice; I pray all the time to Holy Spirit and ask for guidance and discernment; I also read my Bible and ask Jesus to help me ‘to be still’ and to speak to me via the Holy Word; He does.