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Guard your heart above all else,
for it determines the course of your life.” ~ Proverbs 4: 23

Bastard!  Despite the way the word is sadly and indiscriminately used today to demean a person, the word “bastard” in its original definition denotes a person who has been conceived out of wedlock. 

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more commonly used word in our day is illegitimate. An illegitimate child is a child whose parents conceived him outside of marriage. Even if the parents married before the child was born, the child is still illegitimate according to the Word of God.

Contrary to popular belief, to conceive a child out of wedlock and then to marry before or after the birth of the child does not spiritually “legitimize” the child nor protect him from the bastard curse. The reason is that a child conceived out of wedlock is the fruit of the parents’ fornication or adultery at the time of conception. And, according to Scripture, when a child is conceived through fornication or adultery, that child is under the bastard curse. 

The bastard curse also applies to cases of rape and incest. A child born as a result of rape or incest is also considered illegitimate. In short, according to God’s Word any child conceived outside of the confines of the marriage covenant is a bastard.

So, what exactly is the bastard curse and what are its effects?

The bastard curse is the curse that comes upon both the man and the woman who engaged in premarital or extramarital sex (fornication or adultery) and conceived a child out of wedlock, and also upon the child they conceived. Moreover, according to Scripture, the bastard curse lasts for ten generations unless one is delivered from it by the power and blood of Christ.

Also, if a woman aborts a child conceived out of wedlock, the abortion does not set the parents or the aborted child free from the bastard curse. Of course, the child is no longer alive, but the parents of the child are still under the bastard curse and can pass it on to future children, including those conceived in marriage. Even if the parents have repented of the sin of abortion, they must still repent of allowing the bastard curse into their lives through fornication or adultery and remove the curse from themselves. 

It greatly behooves us, therefore, to understand this curse, its effects on our lives, and how to break its power over our lives.

In calculating the ten generations of the curse, the parents of the illegitimate child are considered the first generation of the curse. The illegitimate child is considered the second generation of the curse. And so on down the line until the tenth generation is reached.

Two passages in Scripture deal with the bastard curse: Deuteronomy 23: 2 and Hebrews 12: 6. 

Deuteronomy 23: 2 – “A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the Lord. An Ammonite or Moabite shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to their tenth generation shall they not enter into the congregation of the LORD….”

Hebrews 12: 6: – “For the Lord disciplines those he loves, and he punishes each one he accepts as his child.”

In the first passage from Deuteronomy, God decrees that the bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord for ten generations. He includes as bastards the Ammonites and the Moabites. You may recall that these two nations resulted from the incestuous relationships of Lot’s daughters with their father (Genesis 19: 30-38).

In the second passage from Hebrews, the Lord makes clear that He disciplines only those whom He accepts as His legitimate children. Bastards who have not been delivered from the bastard curse are not accepted as legitimate children of God.

The bastard curse causes many spiritual, emotional, and psychological issues. Chief among them are the following:

–Abandonment Issues
–Feelings of not fitting in
–Difficulty establishing and maintaining intimate relationships

The bastard curse keeps people from fellowship with God and with other people. Satan continually tempts people to fall prey to this curse so that it will continue from generation to generation. 

In addition to Lot’s daughters who gave birth to the Ammonites and Moabites via their incestuous relationship with their father, there are other instances of the bastard curse in the Bible. Here are three more of them:

–Hagar’s conception of Ishmael by Abraham (Genesis 16: 11-12). The descendants of Ishmael are still under the bastard curse. 

–Tamar’s conception of Pharaz and Zarah by her father-in-law Judah (Genesis 38: 1-30). 

–Bathsheba’s conception of Solomon by David. 

“A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord; even to his tenth generation
shall he not enter into the congregation of the Lord.” – Deuteronomy 23: 2

The bastard curse is a powerful curse in that it causes corruption that lasts for generations. This curse is a key means by which Satan has tried to corrupt bloodlines. He particularly attempted to use the bastard curse to corrupt the bloodline from which Christ would be born. But Satan’s plan never transpired because he did not know that Jesus would descend only from the woman’s seed and not from a human father’s seed. 

I would venture to say that few, if any, of us have escaped the bastard curse. If one considers the history of the world, it is easy to see that marauding nations engaged in the rape of countless women, and those rapes resulted in the conception of many bastard children. In addition, as long as people have been on earth, many have committed fornication and adultery resulting in conception.

Years ago, while discussing my family history with my father, I learned that my great-grandfather was quite likely conceived as a result of the rape of my great-great-grandmother by either a ruthless landowner or by a priest.  Such situations, unfortunately, were commonplace in the Sicilian culture of the time, due to the feudal-type society where landowners and others of the ruling class exploited the peasants.

My heroine in my novel, The Madonna of Pisano, the first book in my trilogy titled The Italian Chronicles, is based on my great-great-grandmother’s life. Holy Spirit showed me that she was an innocent victim and that He wanted me to exonerate her good name in my story. While the story is fictional, the seed idea for it came from my great-great-grandmother’s experience.

Since I am the fifth generation from my great-great-grandmother and the man who violated her, I have had to break the bastard curse over my own life so that it would not be passed on and continue in the lives of my descendants.

If you know that the bastard curse is on your life–either because of your own sin or the sin of your ancestors–pray this prayer of deliverance with me now:

Father God, I come to You in the mighty and matchless Name of Jesus. I repent of any and all sinful behavior in my own life and/or in the lives of my ancestors for the past ten generations that opened the door to the bastard curse in my life and in the lives of my descendants. In the Name of Jesus, I place those sins under the Blood of Christ shed at Calvary. I ask, Father, that You would forgive and cleanse me and my lineage of this destructive curse. I thank You, Father, that I can now come freely into the congregation of the Lord and have close fellowship with You and with my brothers and sisters in Christ. I thank You, Father, that You now consider me Your legitimate child worthy of your discipline. I ask, Father, that You would help me to overcome the negative habits that may have embedded themselves in my soul as a result of living under this horrific curse. I thank You and praise You in the Name of Jesus for delivering me and my descendants of the bastard curse. I thank You, Holy Spirit, for filling my life with the blessings of Your fellowship and the fellowship of the saints. Amen.

If you prayed this prayer, please let me know. You will experience a dramatic change in your life as the bastard curse is removed from your life and from the lives of your descendants.

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  1. Over a long period of time, my life has been a roller coaster from end to end.

    Now that I have prayed this prayer I believe that the curse is removed.

    • God’s mercy is greater than any of our sins! Be encouraged that He loves us and delights in our repentance! Yes, I will pray for you and your precious family. God bless you, too!

  2. So very grateful for this scriptural insight and prayer! I have aborted children, and as a result, have a hard time relating to children. I have prayed this prayer as a last step in renouncing many other things. I was still in bondage in this area. I see this curse operating in my niece and her children. I believe that great freedom and healing will result. Thank you so much! God’s richest blessings to you and your ministry.

    • Dear Leslie,

      Thank you so very much for your valued comment. I know it took a lot of courage to post.

      I praise God for what He has done and continues to do in your life. You have taken the first step to repent. The Lord has washed you clean. Now I will pray that our Lord will completely heal your soul from the trauma, grief, and anguish of abortion. Although this may seem far-fetched to you at the moment, I believe that God is going to use you in a special way to bring His life to little children. Here is a Scripture verse I believe the Lord wants me to give you: “Your shame and disgrace are ended” (Isaiah 61: 7 GNT). Blessings to you!

  3. Unbelievably sad. PRACTICALLY EVERY website refers to same same Scriptures. They’re all found in the Torah. Abraham, Ismael, 10th generation, blahblahblah.
    Jesus fulfilled the Mosaic Law (He didn’t abolish it but fulfilled it.)
    It would be much more prudent to tell people his or her need for salvation versus some Judaism thing. Forever’s a long time.
    It’s not only this website but many others. They all beg the same question of wondering how many people have had faith in Christ needlessly shipwrecked over both the almighty dollar as well as the Mosaic Law.
    It has nothing to do with “breaking some Old Testament curse which Jesus already took care of”. Jesus IS Savior for a reason…and it’s not just sin and forgiveness. Rather, it’s for 100% of EVERYTHING. It’s also ONCE FOR ALL (Hebrews 10:10) There are no contradictions in The Word…EVER.
    Sometimes love must be tough. Since no one is perfect and there is no one righteous…AT ALL (Romans 3:10-12, Romans 3:22-24) the desire is for everyone truly born again (John 3:1-21) to hit as close to 100% of everything for which The Lord created that person. Therein lies the motive. There’s a HUGE difference between salvation and rewards (see 1 Corinthians 3:1-15 for more information).
    Pass, thanks.

    • Thank you for your comment. 🙂 You are correct that Jesus broke the curse “once and for all”. I totally agree. Every born again believer is free from the curse because of Jesus. But we must personally appropriate to our own lives the salvation and freedom from the curse that Jesus died to give us so that we can experience it in our own lives. Although Jesus died for my sins, I must receive His gift of eternal life in order for it to be operative in my life. I also agree that there is a “huge difference between salvation and rewards.” The former is a free gift. The latter we gain because of our loving service toward the Lord Who saved us. Thank you again for taking the time to comment. Many blessings to you! 🙂

  4. Thank you for this post.
    My living under this curse came to a head
    A few years ago when I was 45.
    It went like this….
    My wife’s father died, my dog died, my marriage
    Was dying, my job was dying, i felt like I was dying.
    (I have had to chop at my hands with
    Nail clippers for 7 hrs a day while doing a 15 hr work day)
    (Inherited condition-hideous and painful)
    I had always felt alone
    Suffered double mindedness
    This insane skin condition
    Always felt alone.

    (Me screaming in desperation to God)
    If my life is just dead babies and dragging
    Grey blocks up a hill, in screaming pain until
    I die, just do it. Drop a bus on me, fix me or break me.
    What is my purpose!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!

    What happened next will take too long to write,
    But years later after breaking me, I pray this is another step
    In Him fixing me.

    Thank you for the prayer. I cried all through saying it.

    • Thank you for your comment, John! I praise God for giving you the grace to receive His deliverance. May He use you mightily to bring others to Him. Many blessings to you and your precious family!

  5. I was recently told by my pastor of being subject to the bastard curse. Although I forgave my parents the enemy tried to wound my soul, spirit and body with rejection, abandonment and more. I cried out to the Lord, and He forgave me and led me to your site. I prayed your prayer in addition to declaring Galatians 4:4-5 – But when the fullness of the time came, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under the Law, so that He might redeem those who were under the Law, that we might receive the adoption as sons.” So I am now adopted by the Lord.” I believe the curse is removed by what Jesus shed blood on the cross.

    • Thank you so much for writing, dear Victoria! Yes, the curse is removed by the Blood of Jesus! Praise His Holy Name! Blessings to you, dear sister in Christ!

  6. Thank you MaryAnn and God bless you. I was born a bastard and put up for adoption. I was never angry at anyone for this and felt blessed I wasn’t aborted. My granddaughter is illegitimate, too. My daughter and my granddaughter’s father were going to get married and he died. I know the feeling of double-mindedness (actually bi-polar runs in my family). My biological mother is bi-polar. Other mental illness also runs in the family and pedophilia in the biological side. My parents that adopted me were good to me but both died very young. I have always had trouble with intimacy and other things. I do feel God has been kind to me and I am adopted into His family since I truly accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior September 25, 2017. Before that I was lukewarm and double-minded. I prayed this prayer tonight and prayed for my daughters and granddaughter. I know God is blessing me and I want Him to make me new. God is good and there is none like Him. It is interesting that Shame and Guilt is what I am working on now with my Christian Counselor. My homework this week is on GUILT. God must have led me here. Praise God in Jesus Christ’s Name.

    • Dear Kelly Sue,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I praise God for the amazing work of healing He is doing in your life. Oh, how He loves you! Our Lord is, indeed, good! May He continue to restore your soul as He reveals to you the beautiful person He created you to be. Thank you again for reaching out.

      With love and blessings,


  7. I of course still LOVE my parents. But they made many foolish mistakes. I am the result of my father’s second marriage ( to my mother ). God does not “honor” second marriages!!! That would put me squarely under the bastard curse!!! My father’s first wife Betty then married my fathers great great cousin, C. Beck. My great grandmother’s ( my grandfather’s mother’s ) maiden name was Beck!!! Yeah… “awkward!!!” C. Beck and my dad’s first wife Betty ( the mother of my half brother Scott ) had a son named Matt Beck. Matt has grew up to be an alcoholic who always put himSELF first. As a result, he permanently burned his bridges with my half bother Scott. My half brother Scott had a son named Don ( after my grandfather Don ) off of his first wife. They divorced due to my brothers drug and alcohol problem. But Scott has been free of drugs and alcohol for many years now. He has since remarried ( yeah, “whoops!” ) and had two daughters. They, no doubt ALSO fell under the bastard curse!!! They are doing quite well, but neither of them like to eat very much. This is strange, considering the fact that due to the “gluttony curse “ we all LOVE to eat!!! In fact my niece Casey ( who has my grandpa Don’s dark red hair ) thinks that she is FAT if she weighs any more than 90 pounds!!!
    And then, there’s the fact that my grandparents ( again, the ones on my fathers side) were Free Masons!!! My grandfather was 43rd degree!!! To get that High up, you have to know some pretty serious esoteric shit!!! For most Free Masons, the 32nd degree is “the ceiling!!!” It is very difficult and tricky to get any higher than that. Most never do. I shudder to think of all the additional curses that could have brought down on our heads!!! Not good.

  8. Also, please please PLEASE pray “psalm 91” on my behalf!!! Bad luck and loneliness have followed my all throughout my days. This is “wrong” in so many different levels!!! With sadness and love💙I thank you. God bless.

    • Dear M.J.

      Thank you for reaching out. The first question I would ask you is “Have you been born again?” This is the starting point for all deliverance. If you have not yet accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord, pray this prayer with me now: “Lord Jesus, I come to You just as I am. You said that You would never reject anyone who comes to You for salvation. I need You, Jesus. I invite You into my life to be my personal Savior and Lord. Thank You for setting me free. In Your Name I pray. Amen.

      If you sincerely prayed this prayer, you are now a born-again child of God. He is Your Father, and He wants to turn the “mess” of your life into the “message” of your life. So be encouraged, my friend! 🙂

      Read the Bible every day. Pray every day. Prayer is simply talking to your Heavenly Father and pouring out your heart to Him. Pray the prayer of deliverance that I posted in the blog post on the Bastard Curse. The Word of God will set your soul free from all bondage. Forgive all those who have hurt you, no matter what they have done.

      God has a great plan for your life. Trust Him moment by moment to lead you into all truth.

      Many blessings to you,


  9. Deuteronomy 23:2 Strong’s Hebrew dictionary
    A bastard is not someone born out of wedlock.
    A bastard (heb.>”mamzer”) is a child born of a sexual union between a white person and a nonwhite person. The descendants of Cain as Cain himself was a bastard.
    There were pre Adamites. Adam in hebrew describes a white person and assigns the word “man” for Adam. There , “were ” giants in those days. Genesis 6.
    The curse of Cain. He was the first bastard child of the white race by one fallen “angel”.
    Strong’s Definition: From an unused root mian. to alienate ; a mongrel, that is, born of a jewish (White Israelite) father and a heathen(Non-white) mother: – bastard
    Volumes could be written on the double, triple, quadruple, ad nauseam bastard mind set internal conflict with what was holy and to that which is not holy(separated).

    • Thank you for your comment, David. I would have to disagree with you about the meaning of bastard. This is the definition taken from the 1828 Noah Webster Dictionary, the original, authoritative dictionary published by Webster:

      B’ASTARD, noun A natural child; a child begotten and born out of wedlock; an illegitimate or spurious child.

      My Strong’s Concordance lists the following for the word bastard (Strong’s H4464): mamzêr, mam-zare’; bastard, child of incest, illegitimate child;

      There is no mention that bastard has anything to do with white or non-white people. I don’t know the source of your information, but I would suggest that you confirm your source as to its accuracy.

      Again, thank you for commenting. Many blessings to you!

  10. Hi I just learned that i nd my one brother is an eillegitimate child . And our lives were not easy . my father deseted us nd mother used to work i started working at the age of sixteen nd now there is no one for my mother she is 72 nd abandoned nd has diabetes.Are we under dat curse
    PLS how to remove it

    • Thank you for reaching out, Monica. I am sorry you have gone through so much. Yet, there is One Who will never abandon you or your mother. His Name is Jesus. To answer your question, if you were not born out of wedlock, you are not under the bastard curse. Only those who were born out of wedlock are under that curse. But there is deliverance for all who were born under the bastard curse. One has only to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and then command the bastard curse to be removed from one’s soul in the Name of Jesus. I have included a sample prayer your brother can pray to be delivered. But first he must be born again. In other words, first he must accept Christ as his Savior and Lord. I hope this helps, my friend. 🙂

  11. This curse is something I became mindfully aware of quite recently, yes I kept hearing of generational curses, etc. all my life and I believed in them I just did not know the importance of breaking them and what needed to be done. I live in a country where the importance of marriage is just not there, even Christians most come to Christ after the damage has been done. I was born under the bastard curse so was my mother and my grandmother and as far as I know my great grandmother also so you get the picture. I do not have any children but I obviously am cursed and I have prayed the prayer as was well as my own repented prayer since I committed my life to the Lord. What troubles me is that I see so much evidence of this curse in many people’s lives and pray that they come to the revelation before it’s too late.

    • Thank you so much for writing, Nikanta. Yes, sadly, there are many under the bastard curse. I praise God that you were delivered. Glory to His Holy Name! Perhaps our Lord will use you to help others to be set free by His power. Many blessings to you!