My Podcasts


Beginning January 2017, you will be able to listen to Dr. MaryAnn’s podcasts of her former radio program, Winning with the Word. First aired on WSNJ Radio in Bridgeton, New Jersey, these inspiring messages will encourage you, educate you, and equip you to be a powerful saint of God who knows how to enforce His Kingdom and His will in the earth. To listen to the podcasts, please click here or go to the “My Podcasts” tab at the top of each page on Dr. MaryAnn’s website.

In addition to her podcasts on God’s Word, Dr. MaryAnn is in the process of recording a series of podcasts for writers–Write Your Heart Out!— also located under the “My Podcasts” tab on the menu.

Finally, A Moment with MaryAnn offers short, 2-3-minute meditations on how to live a successful life.

So, stay tuned! Lots of good things lie ahead for you on this website in 2017!

NOTE: Dr. MaryAnn Diorio is a Certified Life Coach, a Certified Biblical Counselor, and a Certified Behavioral Consultant.



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