Speaking Topics

Dr. MaryAnn offers webinars on the following topics. NOTE: All webinars are conducted via Zoom. 

Writing Topics (45-60 minutes)

___Deep POV: Experiencing Intimacy with Your Characters 

___Scene Power: Developing Your Novel One Powerful Scene at a Time

___The Empowered Heroine: A Comparative Study of the Heroine in Christian and Secular Women’s Fiction

___Writing Short Stories for Children

___Describing Character and Setting in Middle-Grade and YA Fiction

___Life Management for Writers

___Is God Calling You to Write?


General Topics (45-60 minutes)

___Forgiveness: What It Is and What It Isn’t

___Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

___Healing: The Children’s Bread

___Shame: The Thief of Destiny

___The Fear of Man: What It Is and What to Do about It

___Discerning the Times 


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