The Short Version

The Short Version

I never planned to be a writer. When I was a teenager, the thought of studying journalism crossed my mind but left quickly when I walked into my first French class. The language mesmerized me, hooked me, and consumed the next 15 years of my life as I went on to earn the PhD in French. I was all set for a career as a university professor.

But God had other plans.

Shortly after I celebrated my 30th birthday, I began having this unusual desire to write. It seemed to come from nowhere. No matter how hard I try, I could not shake it.

Finally, I went to the Lord and asked, “Is this desire from You? If it is, increase it. But if it isn’t, take it away because it’s becoming an obsession.”

You’ve probably guessed the answer by now. The desire increased.

Even then, however, I had to be sure. So I asked God to give me a sign that He was calling me to write for Him.

He did.

Through a fascinating series of events–which I won’t go into here (This is the short version, remember? :)), I ended up getting a poem of mine published in The Saturday Evening Post. Now, if you know anything about the publishing industry, for an unknown like me getting published in The Saturday Evening Post is the next closest thing to winning the Olympics when you haven’t even trained!

Quick Bio

Grew up: Born in Pennsylvania; grew up in New Jersey.

College: Immaculata University, BA in French; Middlebury College, MA in Italian Language & Literature; University of Kansas, PhD in French; Seton Hill University, MFA in Writing Popular Fiction; Christian Leadership University, DMin in Christian Counseling.

Work historyTaught French, Italian, and Creative Writing at University of Kansas, Rowan University, Regent University, Nottingham-Trent University, Cumberland County Community College, and Camden County Community College. 

Other job: Certified Life Coach. Had coaching practice for 12 years. Still love to coach! 🙂

Favorite memories: Meeting Dom, my awesome husband of 50 years; getting married; the birth of my two precious daughters; winning my first writing award; writing “The End” to my first novel.

My Precious Dom