Winning with the Word Podcasts

Wlecome to the Podcast Page of Dr. MaryAnn Diorio, your Virtual Life Coach (TM). These podcasts are recordings of Dr. MaryAnn’s radio program, Winning with the Word, broadcast weekly on BlogTalk Radio. As the podcasts are recorded, their titles will be listed here together with a link to each of them. We trust that they will bless you!

Note: Dr. MaryAnn Diorio is a Certified Life Coach, a Certified Biblical Counselor, and a Certified Behavioral Consultant. She also holds the PhD in French, the MFA in Writing Fiction, and the DMin degree in Christian Counseling.

Podcast #1: Wonderful, Incredible You!

Podcast #2:
You Are What You Think You Are

Podcast #3:
The Power of the Spoken Word

Podcast #4:
The Power of the Dream

Podcast #5:
You Can Conquer Worry

Podcast #6:
Where Will You Go When You Die?

Podcast #7:
Taming the Debt Monster-Part 1

Podcast #8:
Taming the Debt Monster-Part 2


Podcast #9: Dealing with the Spirit of Strife

Podcast #10:
Facing Fear


Podcast #11: How to Handle Offense


Podcast #12: God’s Plan for Marriage


Podcast #13: Believing Is Seeing


Podcast #14: What Is Love?


Podcast #15: The Goodness of God


Podcast #16: God’s Mercy and Grace


Podcast #17: The Fear of the Lord


Podcast #18: How to Practice Patience


Podcast #19: How to Handle Pressure


Podcast #20: Beware of False Prophets

Podcast #21: The Guilt Trap

Podcast #22: Growing Up in Christ 


Podcast #23: Are You Ready for the Rapture?



Podcast #24: Are You Building Your House on a Solid Foundation?


Podcast #25: How to Turn Your Dreams into Reality


Podcast #26: The Dangers of the Occult


Podcast #27: Living in a Violent World


Podcast #28: The Winning Attitude of Gratitude