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In Black and White

“Can endurance and faith sustain the love between a white woman and a black man as they are threatened by rejection, violence, and racial injustice? Can love alone reconcile their starkly different worlds, lighting the way to a bright future together?

When American graduate student Tori Pendola, a white woman, and Ghanaian exchange student Jebuni Kalitsi, a black man and heir to his tribe’s chieftancy, fall deeply in love, they must face not only their personal inner demons of rejection and guilt, but also heart-wrenching betrayal by those they love most. Will their love survive the cruel and bitter attacks against them, or will hatred and prejudice gain the upper hand?”

In Black and White is a deeply moving story about the power of God’s love to restore all that is broken in our lives.”

POEMS FOR WEE ONES will delight the young child in your life with its lilting verses and its charming illustrations. Studies have shown that reading poetry to children contributes to their healthful emotional development and sharpens their pre-reading skills.

According to Scholastic Parents Magazine, “nursery rhymes, songs, and poetry are key parts of preschool reading. Listening to, and repeating, poetry is a wonderful way for children to learn phonemic awareness.” * 

POEMS FOR WEE ONES will definitely bless your child’s soul and warm your child’s heart all at the same time. Makes a great gift for Christmas, birthdays, new baby, christening, and other special occasions. Be sure to recommend this book to your church’s children’s ministry and church nursery, your child’s preschool, your pediatrician’s office, or any other place where children’s books are read and enjoyed. Thank you!



Return to Bella Terra is Book Three in The Italian Chronicles Trilogy.

A mother, her son , and the man who threatens to come between them . . .

When Maria Landro Tonetta receives word that Mama is terminally ill, Maria travels to her Sicilian homeland with her son Nico. She finds herself yearning for the life she once knew as a child on Bella Terra, the family farm, now on the verge of bankruptcy. Caught between two worlds, Maria dreams of moving back to Sicily with her husband and children to save the farm. When Nico’s biological father unexpectedly appears at Mama’s funeral, Maria faces a new enemy to her dream. But is there an even greater enemy within her own soul?







A Sicilian Farewell is Book Two in The Italian Chronicles Trilogy.

A young man, a new land, and a dream that threatens to destroy him and his family . . .

The dream of a better life for himself and his family drives Luca Tonetta to the American Promised Land with his wife of five years, Maria Landro, and their three children. But the new Promised Land is nothing like what Luca had imagined. Forced to live in a roach-infested tenement house in the seedy section of Brooklyn, he faces the hardships, prejudice, and slanderous assaults of an Italian immigrant torn between two worlds. When Luca is accused of a crime he did not commit, he learns that a dream must first die before it can live.

Print Format 

The Madonna of Pisano is Book 1 in The Italian Chronicles Trilogy

A young woman, a priest, and a secret that keeps them bitterly bound to each other . . . 

Available in Kindle format.

Available in Print Format.

This is the first novel in MaryAnn’s trilogy titled THE ITALIAN CHRONICLES.  Books Two and Three will be released in the future.






SURRENDER TO LOVE – MaryAnn’s newest novella set in Puerto Rico.

When young widow and life coach Teresa Lopez Gonzalez loses her husband in a tragic accident, she faces losing her home, her sanity, and her faith. But when widower Marcos Sanchez hires her to coach his teenage daughter, Teresa learns that God’s plans are far wiser than her own.

Available in Kindle Format and Print Format.  Purchase your copy now!

What readers are saying about SURRENDER TO LOVE:

“This was a great read and one I will definitely be telling others about. Nice and short for those who are too busy to read a lot, but so much meat to chew on for many days afterward.” ~ Cheri Swalwell, The Book Club Network

“The story was the perfect length (about 2 hours) for a busy person who wants to escape, much like with a movie, but engaging the imagination. Truly an enjoyable read.” ~ Deb, Amazon.com

“This is a very touching story about trusting God, letting go of your past and continuing to live your life to the fullest.” ~ Amazon Customer 

a-christmas-homecoming A CHRISTMAS HOMECOMING wins Silver Medal in 2015 Illumination Book Award Contest. 



A Christmas Homecoming by MaryAnn Diorio reflects not only the author’s polished writing style but also her compassionate heart.  A story worth reading often—and passing along to others!” ~ Kathi Macias (www.kathimacias.com), multi-award-winning author of 40 books.

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Latest Release!

The Dandelion Patch
by MaryAnn Diorio

Illustrated by Doina Paraschiv

Winner of “BEST BOOK IN JUVENILE FICTION” in the 2017 Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards Contest

When Yolanda Riggins discovers that the government plans to build a new highway through her beloved dandelion patch, she rises up in protest and asserts her God-given right to private ownership of property. Will she succeed against all odds to save her dandelion patch? Will tact, truth, and tough love win the day for Yolanda and the children who love her? Read this delightful book to find out.



CANDLE LOVE MaryAnn’s latest children’s picture book.

Four-year-old Keisha has a new baby sister. But Keisha does not want a new baby sister. Keisha is afraid that Mama will love Baby Tamara more than she loves her. When Mama shows Keisha three special candles, Keisha learns that there is always enough love to go around because the more one share loves, the more love grows.



TOBY TOO STTS_Cover_RGBMALL – A delightful story for young children.

Illustrated by Doina Paraschiv

Toby Michaels is small. Too small to be of much good to anyone. But one day, Toby discovers that it’s now how big you are on the outside that matters; it’s how big you are on the inside.  A delightful story for children ages 2 – 7.  

Available for Kindle and iPad.


Noteworthy News

My children’s picture book, WHO IS JESUS?, is a finalist in the Children’s Religion Category of the 2015 National Indie Excellence Awards Contest!


Who Is Jesus COVER front - RGB  WHO IS JESUS? by MaryAnn Diorio
   Illustrated by Kim Sponaugle

   Available in hardcover,  softcover, Kindle, and iPAD versions.

Teach your children to know Jesus as He truly is: the Compassionate, Loving God Who heals and sets free!



Illustrated by Valeria Wicker

Disabled, but determined, eight-year-old Jeremiah Bentley discovers that faith can move mountains.







For all that God has done and continues to do in her life, MaryAnn gives Him all the praise and all the glory!
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