Miracle at Madville  (TopNotch Press, 2023)

Dixie Randolph and the Secret of Seabury Beach (TopNotch Press, 2022)

Penelope Pumpernickel: Mystery Maven.(TopNotch Press, 2022)

Penelope Pumpernickel: Dynamic Detective. (TopNotch Press, 2021)

Peneplope Pumpernickel: Precocious Problem-Solver  (TopNotch Press, 2020_

The Dandelion Patch (TopNotch Press, 2017)

Candle Love (TopNotch Press, 2015)

Toby Too Small (TopNotch Press, 2015)

Do Angels Ride Ponies? (TopNotch Press, 2015)

Who Is Jesus? (TopNotch Press, 2014)

A Student’s Guide to Nathaniel Hawthorne (TopNotch Press, 2015)

A Student’s Guide to Herman Melville (TopNotch Press, 2015)

A Student’s Guide to Mark Twain (TopNotch Press, 2015)

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