Breaking the Mind Barrier (TopNotch Press, 2023)

The Iron Saint (TopNotchPress, 2021)

The Daystar Devotional: Encouragement in Your Walk with Jesus (TopNotch Press, 2015)

From the Treadmill to the Balance Beam: Biblical Principles for Achieving Balance in Life (TopNotch Press, 2015)

Self-Image and the Writer (TopNotch Press, 2015)

The ABCs of TopNotch Writing (TopNotch Press, 2014, 2nd edition; 2012, 1st edition)

God Speaks to Me: Two-Way Conversations with God (TopNotch Press, 2013)

You Were Made for Greatness! (formerly titled Selling Yourself on You) (TopNotch Press, 2011)

Making Your Marriage Work (TopNotch Press, 1998)

Selling Yourself on You (now titled You Were Made for Greatness!) (Daystar Communications, 1989)

Balancing Your Budget God’s Way (out of print) (Daystar Communications, 1987)

Dating Etiquette for Christian Teens (Daystar Communications, 1984)


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