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Give yourself a break this year. Make your gift shopping easier and more meaningful by giving the gift of a good book! Books can have a lasting impact on one’s life. In this catalogue you will find several great books for the special adults and children in your life. Happy Shopping!

NOTE: A large percentage of all profits from book sales goes to 
helping orphans and widows.
         The Italian Chronicles Trilogy
Book 1: The Madonna of Pisano – A Novel
A young woman, a priest, and a secret that keeps them bitterly bound to each other . . .   


The Italian Chronicles Trilogy
Book 2: A Sicilian Farewell – A Novel
A young woman, a new land, and a dream that threatens to destroy everything she holds dear … 
The Italian Chronicles Trilogy
Book 3: Return to Bella Terra – A Novel 

A mother, her son, and the man who threatens to come between them . . .
Surrender to Love: A Novella


When young widow and life coach Teresa Lopez Gonzalez loses her husband in a tragic accident, she faces losing her home, her sanity, and her faith. But when widower Marcos Sanchez hires her to coach his teenage daughter, Teresa learns that God’s plans are far wiser than her own.


A Christmas Homecoming: A Novella


Winner of the prestigious Silver Medal for E-Book Fiction in the 2015 Illumination Book Awards Contest – “Shining a Light on Exemplary Christian Fiction”

When Sonia Pettit’s teenage daughter suddenly disappears for seven long years, Sonia faces losing her mind, her husband, and her faith.


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A Christmas Homecoming Kindle

Magnolia Memories: A Short Story
When Jennie Belle Crawford’s husband dies, she vows never to betray his memory through remarriage, but when Tim LeGrand pays a visit to his elderly Aunt Hattie, Jennie Belle’s neighbor, Jennie Belle begins to wonder if God has other plans for her future.


Who Is Jesus? 
Finalist in the Children’s Religion Category of the 2015 National Indie Excellence Awards Contest!

Teach your children to know Jesus as He truly is: the Compassionate, Loving God Who heals and sets free! 

Candle Love
Four-year-old Keisha has a new baby sister. But Keisha does not want a new baby sister. Keisha is afraid that Mama will love Baby Tamara more than she loves her. When Mama shows Keisha three special candles, Keisha learns that there is always enough love to go around because the more one share loves, the more love grows.
Toby Too Small

Toby Michaels is small. Too small to be of much good to anyone. But one day, Toby discovers that it’s not how big you are on the outside that matters; it’s how big you are on the inside.

The Dandelion Patch


Winner of “BEST BOOK IN JUVENILE FICTION” in the 2017 Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards Contest
When Yolanda Riggins discovers that the government plans to build a new highway through her beloved dandelion patch, she rises up in protest and asserts her God-given right to private ownership of property. Will she succeed against all odds to save her dandelion patch? Will tact, truth, and tough love win the day for Yolanda and the children who love her? Read this delightful book to find out.
Do Angels Ride Ponies?
Disabled, but determined, eight-year-old Jeremiah Bentley discovers that faith can move mountains.



Outstanding American Authors Series

A Student’s Guide to Nathaniel Hawthorne

Volume 1 in the Outstanding American Authors Series 

Nathaniel Hawthorne is an outstanding American author who lived and wrote during the 19th century. His fiction deals with a wide variety of themes, including alienation, sin, guilt, pride, and hypocrisy. He delves into issues of the human heart that cross generational lines. In A Student’s Guide to Nathaniel Hawthorne, Dr. MaryAnn Diorio has provided a rich resource for understanding and appreciating the works of this great authors.  


 A Student’s Guide to Herman Melville

Volume 2 in the Outstanding American Authors Series 

Herman Melville is an outstanding American author who lived and wrote during the 19th century. He wrote MOBY DICK, one of the greatest novels in this history of all literature. Melville’s writings blend fact with fiction and high adventure with powerful symbolism His personal experiences in far-off lands allowed Melville to bring a great sense of realism to his fiction. In A Student’s Guide to Herman Melville, Dr. MaryAnn Diorio has provided a rich resource for understanding and appreciating the life and works of this literary giant. 


A Student’s Guide to Mark Twain
Volume 3 in the Outstanding American Authors Series 

Mark Twain is an outstanding American author who lived and wrote during the 19th century and died in 1910. He is most famous for two novels: The Adventures of Tom Sawyher and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Twain’s greatest contributions to American style reside in his humorist approach and his unique use of language. In A Student’s Guide to Mark Twain, Dr. MaryAnn Diorio has provided a rich resource for understanding and appreciating the works of this great author.




You Were Made for Greatness!
Discover who you are in Christ!
Overcome negative feelings about yourself. Get rid of worry and fear, learn to accept yourself, and find your purpose in life. YOU WERE MADE FOR GREATNESS! offers practical advice which, if applied, guarantees success and will help you become all that God created you to be.
The Daystar Devotional: Encouragement in Your Walk with Jesus
Are you looking for daily encouragement in your walk with Christ? The Daystar Devotionalwill provide just what you’re looking for.

Daily readings will give you fresh insight into Scripture verses that will inspire you, encourage you, and strengthen you as you face the challenges of life. A powerful tool for growing in your relationship with Jesus Christ.


God Speaks to Me: Meditations
from God’s Heart to Yours
Do you ever wonder if God speaks to people? Do you ever wonder if God speaks to you? Have you ever tried to hear Him, but to no avail?If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will be happy to learn that you can hear the voice of God speaking to you every single day.Dr. MaryAnn Diorio was just like you, until one day, she came across 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice by Dr. Mark and Patti Virkler. From that encounter evolved this book, God Speaks to Me, a record of what our Lord spoke to MaryAnn over the course of ten years. At first, MaryAnn thought these messages from God were only for her ears. But our Lord has made it clear that the messages are for the entire Body of Christ.So purchase your copy today and hear what God has to say to you, His precious child.


From the Treadmill to the Balance Beam:
Biblical Principles for Achieving Balance in Life
Are you are feeling frazzled, frenetic, and fatigued? If so, this is the book to move you from chaos to balance in your life.









Beyond the Grave
Are you afraid to die? Do you know where your spirit and soul will go when you die? There is a life after this life. There are two locations where your spirit and soul can go after you die: Heaven or Hell. The choice is up to you. This booklet explains how to make sure you will go to Heaven when you die.

After You’re Born Again
When a person accepts Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, he becomes a child of God with an inheritance of authority and power. This booklet explores and explains what the believer’s authority is and how to apply it to one’s life.


Books for Writers & Aspiring Writers

The ABCs of TopNotch Writing
Are you frustrated with where you are in your writing career? Have you been trying to get published, but to no avail? Do you wonder if there are secrets to writing success?
If these questions describe you, you need The ABCs of TopNotch Writing. In this brief but information-packed book, you will learn how to turn your writing career around with the three key elements of writing success: Attitude, Business, and Craft. 
Don’t put off success any longer. Get your copy of The ABCs of TopNotch Writing now, and start experiencing the publishing success you’ve always wanted.


Self-Image and the Writer


Writing success is largely due to how a writer sees himself. In this short but substantive booklet, you will learn critical steps for achieving writing success.


Booklets by Dominic A. Diorio, MD
(MaryAnn’s Awesome Husband) 
Medical Monograph Series

Vaccinations: Helpful or Harmful
to Your Children? (Monograph #1)

Find answers to questions about the relationship between vaccinations and autism.
Childhood Fever (Monograph #2)
This monograph serves as a guideline for parents and caretakers of children to help them determine when a febrile child should be taken to the emergency room.



Infant / Childhood Circumcision:
Beneficial, Harmful, or Simply a
Parental Choice? (Monograph #3) 

A short guide to help parents decide if circumcision is appropriate for their child.

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