Developing the Character Arc

The best stories have strong character arcs. What is a character arc? A character arc is the demarcation of a character’s growth from the beginning of the story to the end of the story. This demarcation is often plotted on a graph and resembles a curved line that looks like a semi-circle.

Why is a character arc important? A character arc is important because the more a character grows, the stronger your story will be. Your story can be filled with fast-paced action and crazy twists and turns, but unless your main character grows, your story will be flat.

Character growth does not necessarily mean character change. For example, a character can grow in a quality she already possesses, like determination.

How can you create and develop a strong character arc? Here are some tips:

  • Give your main character a serious problem to solve or overcome (the beginning).
  • Keep giving your main character more and more problems as she strives to overcome the original problem.
  • Show your character either changing or increasing in a quality she already possesses as she solves her problems.
  • Bring your character to a critical point of choice (climax). This is the peak point of the character arc.
  • Create a satisfactory resolution consistent with your character’s growth.

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