Selling Your Story

While writing a story is certainly the major part of creating fiction, most writers want to have them published and, preferably, published for pay.

Fiction continues to be one of the hottest markets for writers. That said, the competition is fierce. But excellent writing will usually find a home if you remain persistent in your marketing.

Persistence is the key. Far too many writers get discouraged after their first rejection and quit. But when you’re feeling the most discouraged is the time to keep pressing on because success is often just around the corner. 🙂

Fiction is published in a variety of venues. Of course, the best known is through the traditional publisher, particularly in regard to books. Numerous magazines also continually look for fiction to fill their pages. Some magazines purchase a single story per issue. Other magazines are devoted entirely to fiction. With the advent of the Internet, we’ve seen a major increase in online publications that buy fiction.

To find the right market for your story, you may wish to consult one or more of the following market guides available in your local library:

Writer’s Market
Christian Writers’ Market Guide

Your library should also have copies of Writer’s Digest and The Writer, magazines that include a market section on where to get your work published.

Several outstanding online writing publications also list current markets for fiction. You may wish to check out the following:

Christian Fiction Online Magazine
Fiction Factor
Writers’ Weekly
Absolute Write

Spend some time during the next few days exploring possible markets for your fiction. Make a list of 10 potential markets. Once you’ve made your list, send for copies of the publication if it is a print magazine, or read issues online if it is a web-based magazine. If you are targeting book publishers, send for copies of their catalogues and their submission guidelines. Most publishers now have both of these posted online.

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