The ABCs of TopNotch Writing

The ABCs of TopNotch Writing

Learn what it takes to be a published writer.


Have you ever wondered how to become a published writer? Or, perhaps you already write but are frustrated with where you are in your writing career? Do you wonder if there are secrets to writing success? Then THE ABCs OF TOPNOTCH WRITING is the book for you!

In this brief, but information-packed self-help book for writers and aspiring writers, you will learn how to succeed in the three key areas that contribute to writing success: Attitude, Business, and Craft. You will learn that Attitude is the foundation stone for writing success. You will learn that, in order to succeed, you will need to treat your writing as a Business. You will learn not only that excellence must be the hallmark of all that you write, but you will learn how to be excellent at your writing. You will learn that nothing can make up for the lack of knowledge about the writing Craft.

So, don't put off your writing success any longer. Get your copy of The ABCs OF TOPNOTCH WRITING now, and start experiencing the publishing success you've always wanted.

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About the Book
Publisher: TopNotch Press
Publication Year: 2012; 2014
eBook Price: $2.99
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