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The Rabbi and Mrs. Goldstein (TopNotch Press, 2023)

The Captain and Mrs. Vye (TopNotch Press, 2022)

Miracle in Milan  (TopNotch Press, 2021)

In Black and White (TopNotch Press, 2019)

The Madonna of Pisano (Volume 1 of The Italian Chronicles Trilogy) (TopNotch Press, 2015)

A Sicilian Farewell (Volume 2 of The Italian Chronicles Trilogy) (TopNotch Press, 2016)

Return to Bella Terra (Volume 3 of The Italian Chronicles Trilogy) (TopNotch Press, 2017)


A Christmas Homecoming (Harbourlight Books, A Division of the Pelican Book Group, 2012)

Surrender to Love (TopNotch Press, 2015)

Magnolia Memories(TopNotch Press, 2012)


Breaking the Mind Barrier (TopNotch Press, 2023)

The Iron Saint (TopNotch Press, 2021)

The Daystar Devotional: Encouragement in Your Walk with Jesus (TopNotch Press, 2015)

From the Treadmill to the Balance Beam: Biblical Principles for Achieving Balance in Life (TopNotch Press, 2015)

Self-Image and the Writer (TopNotch Press, 2015)

The ABCs of TopNotch Writing (TopNotch Press, 2014, 2nd edition; 2012, 1st edition)

God Speaks to Me: Two-Way Conversations with God (TopNotch Press, 2013)

You Were Made for Greatness! (formerly titled Selling Yourself on You) (TopNotch Press, 2011)

Making Your Marriage Work (TopNotch Press, 1998)

Selling Yourself on You (now titled You Were Made for Greatness!) (Daystar Communications, 1989)

Balancing Your Budget God’s Way (no longer available) (Daystar Communications, 1987)


Miracle at Madville (TopNotch Press, 2022)

Dixie Randolph and the Secret of Seabury Beach (TopNotch Press, 2022)

Penelope Pumpernickel: Mystery Maven (TopNotch Press, 2022)

Penelope Pumpernickel: Dynamic Detective (TopNotch Press, 2021)

Peneplope Pumpernickel: Precocious Problem-Solver (TopNotch Press, 2020)

The Dandelion Patch (TopNotch Press, 2017)

Candle Love (TopNotch Press, 2015)

Toby Too Small (TopNotch Press, 2015)

Do Angels Ride Ponies?  (TopNotch Press, 2015)

Who Is Jesus?  (TopNotch Press, 2014)

A Student’s Guide to Nathaniel Hawthorne (TopNotch Press, 2015)

A Student’s Guide to Herman Melville (TopNotch Press, 2015)

A Student’s Guide to Mark Twain  (TopNotch Press, 2015)


I Believe in Healing by Cecil Murphey and Twila Belk (Chosen Books, 2013)

Mastering the Art of Success by Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen, and MaryAnn Diorio, PhD (Insight Publishing, 2012)

Daily Devotions for Writers by Patricia Lorenz (Infinity Publishing, 2008)

The Heart of a Teacher by Wayne Holmes (Bethany House, 2005)

God Answers Moms’ Prayers by Allison Bottke (Harvest House, 2005)

Rest Stops for Busy Moms by Susan Titus Osborne (Broadman & Holman, 2003)

Rest Stops for Teachers by Susan Osborn (Broadman & Holman, 2003)

My Turn to Care: Encouragement for Caregivers of Aging Parents by Marlene Bagnull (Ampelos Press, 1999; originally published by Thomas Nelson, 1994)

Religious Writers Marketplace by William H. Gentz (Running Press, 1990)



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