Are You Afraid of the Future?


 “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines
the course of your life.” ~ Proverbs 4:23

Terrified woman. Terrified young woman in formalwear looking at camera and biting nails while standing isolated on whiteFEAR. It’s all around us. It penetrates and saturates our culture as water does a sponge. We read it in the headlines every morning. We hear it on the news every night.

We feel it in our bones, in our muscles, and in our hearts.

Yes. In our hearts.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way.  Throughout the Scriptures, God continually commands us not to fear.  Interesting, isn’t it, that He gives us a command?  A command from God implies that we are able to obey it.

So, why are we afraid? I would propose that we are afraid because we do not know God.

You see, God is love, and in Him there is never anything to fear.  Scripture tells us that “perfect love drives out fear” (I John 4:18).  God, Who is Perfect Love, will drive out fear every time.  But here is the clincher:  We must trust Him and believe Him when He says that there is nothing to fear for those of us who know Him.

Bottom line, we get rid of fear by getting to know God intimately.  Here is His promise to us found in Isaiah 26:3: ” You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.”  This is the antidote to fear: Keeping our minds fixed on God.  And why do we keep our minds fixed on God? Because we trust in Him. And why do we trust Him? Because He is God and perfectly trustworthy!

Are you struggling with fear today? Then turn your eyes toward Jesus and keep looking into His beautiful face. Keep your thoughts fixed on Him. As you do, His peace will drive out every fear.

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The Fearful Heart

Do you have a fearful heart? What is a fearful heart? It is a heart that operates out of fear instead of faith.

A fearful heart manifests in many ways:

  • It chooses safety over risk.
  • It chooses comfort over sacrifice.
  • It chooses pulling back rather than pressing forward.

Did you know that God hates a fearful heart? His Word says that He takes “no pleasure in the one who shrinks back” (Hebrews 10:38). So, what do we do if we have a fearful heart?

Here are a few things that have helped me fight fear in my life:

  • Do what you fear to do.  Facing your fear is a huge part of overcoming it. You will discover that doing the thing you fear builds your confidence.
  • Move out of your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is your mediocre zone. Comfort brings mediocrity; risk-taking brings growth.
  • Fear God more than man. This is the most important tip I can offer you. Scripture says that “fearing people is a dangerous trap . . . .” (Proverbs 29:25).  But when we fear God above all else, we begin to become wise (Psalm 111:10).

If you have a fearful heart, let me encourage you. Find Scripture verses that deal with fear and memorize them. Speak them aloud as often as you can. Soon you will develop an image of yourself in your spirit as a person of great courage, a person who fears only God and moves forward in His power and might.

Copyright 2015 by Dr. MaryAnn Diorio. All Rights Reserved.