(Business) Blogging for Business

Oblogf all the marketing tools available to the fiction writer, blogging is one of the most effective. But to maximize your blog’s effectiveness for building sales, you need to keep some important points in mind:

1) Know what you are talking about.  Blog readers expect expertise. Give your readers cutting-edge information on your topic. Take the time to keep abreast of industry news and industry practices. As the old saying goes, “content is king” when it comes to blogging. 

2) Cultivate trust and credibility. One of the best ways to do this is by following Tip #1 above. When you consistently give readers information that helps them succeed, they will keep coming back to your blog.

3) Develop a community of readers that interacts with one another.  Seth Godin calls this community of readers your tribe. Your tribe will be an outgrowth of tips #1 and #2. When you inspire the trust of those who read your blog because you provide great content, those readers will turn into your followers. They will follow not only your blog, but also your Facebook page, your Twitter account, and other social media venues.  Eventually, many of these followers will become your customers.

Blogging offers many other advantages to the fiction writer. Start by focusing on these three. They will take you far on your journey toward building your fiction-writing business.

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(Business) What Is Content Marketing?

Knowing your audience is a huge part of marketing. But equally important is serving your audience. How do you do that?  By giving them good content.

All of us are super-busy today, too busy.  If you’re like me, you are always looking for ways to streamline your life.  Long blog posts intimidate you.  Little white space suffocates you. But short and sweet grabs you almost every time.

 Your readers are looking for short and sweet.  And, I might add, meaty, too. Sweet doesn’t have to mean lacking in nutritional value. Sweet isn’t fluff.  Sweet is nutrition easily digested.

 To keep your content short and sweet, try these tips:

  • Focus on only one topic per post.
  • Present an aspect of that topic that is fresh and original. No room for rehashing in content marketing.
  • Write your post in an entertaining way, even funny if you’re good at humor.

Following these tips shows respect for your reader. And respect for your reader flows out of a desire to serve him.
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