Holding On to the End of Your Rope

by Dr. MaryAnn Diorio


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Hello and Happy Day! This is Dr. MaryAnn Diorio, novelist and life coach, welcoming you to another episode of Winning with the Word. Today is Monday, April 4, 2022, and this is Episode #14 of Series 2022. This episode is titled “Holding On to the End of Your Rope.”

In my award-winning novel, In Black and White, my main character, white woman Tori Pendola, faces rejection, guilt, and racial injustice as she strives to remain true to the black man she loves. The question she faces at the beginning of the story is, Will their love survive the cruel and bitter attacks against them, or will hatred and prejudice gain the upper hand?

As Tori faces the demons of societal hatred, she reaches the end of her rope. Scorned by her parents and friends, she finds strength in her faith in God to hold on tightly to the end of her rope and to hang on even when things seem impossible.

Perhaps you, too, are hanging on to the end of your rope. Perhaps you, too, are facing a hopeless situation whose solution or resolution seems impossible. If so, I urge you to hang on to the end of your rope, for help is nearby.

So, what does it mean in practical terms to hang on to the end of your rope?  Here are a few thoughts from one who has had to hang on to the end of her rope many times during her 76 years here on this earth:

1) Focus on who is holding the rope. God Himself is holding your rope, and God won’t let go. You can trust that He has a firm grip on your life and that you will not fall as long as you trust Him.

2) Focus on what the rope is made of. God’s rope is unbreakable. It is made of faith. It will hold you as long as you hold it. It is only when we let go of God’s rope that we fall into danger and destruction.

3) Focus on one moment at a time. Don’t think about how much longer you will have to hang on to the end of your rope. Think about how long you have already hung on, and hung on successfully. With God’s help, you can hang on one more minute. Remember this: God will not allow you to hang on to your rope beyond the strength He gives you. And He will give you His strength until it’s His time to lift you off the rope.

The expression “at the end of one’s rope” is primarily an American expression. The British say “at the end of one’s tether.” The phrase can be traced back to the 1680s. Its meaning refers to someone who has been thrown a safety rope and has run out of length, strength, endurance, or patience.

Why does God allow ropes in our lives for us to hang on to? One of the chief reasons is to get our attention. To get us to turn to Him when we have nowhere else to turn. When we are at the end of our rope, we are in a very vulnerable position of helplessness. And, sad to say, most of the time we have to reach that position before we will turn to God.

In my novel, Tori was at the end of her rope. But as she hung there, she learned some powerful truths about herself and about God–truths you will find out when you read the book. Purchase details for In Black and White are at the end of this blog post or in the show notes if you’re listening to the podcast.

If you have reached the end of your rope and want to turn to Jesus Christ, pray this simple prayer with me now:

Lord Jesus, I am at the end of my rope and don’t know where to turn. Dr. MaryAnn says I should turn to you. So I do. I acknowledge that I am a sinner. I repent of my sin, and I ask You to forgive me. I recognize that my sin put You on that Cross where You died for me. Forgive me, Lord! Cleanse me. I want to be born again. I want to escape Your wrath and receive Your mercy and grace. I want to get off this rope. So I receive You now as my Savior and Lord. Thank You for saving me. Lead me to a good church with a good pastor who preaches Your Word without compromise. Make me what You created me to be, O God. Amen.

If you sincerely prayed this prayer, welcome to God’s family! Please write down today’s date. It is your spiritual birthday. And please write to me at drmaryann@maryanndiorio.com. I would like to send you a free PDF booklet, titled After You’re Born Again. This booklet will help you to get started in your walk with Jesus.

I also encourage you to get yourself a Bible and read it every single day. The Bible is God’s love letter to you, His manual for your life. In the Bible, God reveals Who He is, and He teaches you how to live.

Finally, ask the Lord to lead you to the church of His choice for you where you can learn about Him and have fellowship and encouragement with other Christ-Followers. It is critically important in these last days to fellowship with other believers who are mature in Christ and who can guide you as you grow in Him.

If you need help to move forward in your relationship with Jesus, consider hiring me as your personal life coach. Contact me at drmaryann@celebrationlifecoaching.com to set up an appointment. Also, visit my website at CelebrationLifeCoaching.com for answers to many of your questions about coaching and for testimonials from some of the clients I have already helped.

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Until next time, remember that God loves you just as you are and just where you are, and that He will help you to keep on Winning with the Word!

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Why the Rise of Anti-Semitism?

by Dr. MaryAnn Diorio

“Guard your heart above all else, for it determines 
the course of your life.” ~ Proverbs 4:23

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The recent horrific massacre of 11 Jews at a synagogue in Pittsburgh last week shook the entire world and revealed once again that anti-Semitism is increasing at an alarming rate in the United States and abroad.

In this third post in our series on the endtimes, we take a look at the rise of anti-Semitism. Why is it happening yet again, and how does it relate to the return of Jesus Christ?

Let’s begin by defining anti-Semitism. According to Webster, anti-Semitism is “hostility to or prejudice against Jews.” The Bible records that this hostility has existed for centuries and has flared up at strategic points in history.

But why such hatred against the Jews? Why not the same hatred against other ethnic groups?

The bottom-line reason that the world hates the Jews is that the world hates God. 

The Apostle Paul wrote this: “For I could wish that I myself were cursed and cut off from Christ for the sake of my brothers, those of my own race, the people of Israel. Theirs is the adoption as sons; theirs the divine glory, the covenants, the receiving of the law, the temple worship and the promises. Theirs are the patriarchs, and from them is traced the human ancestry of Christ, who is God over all, forever praised!” (Romans 9:3-5).

The Jews were ordained by God to be the carriers and transmitters to the entire world of His covenant of salvation. Notice what was entrusted to them: 

__The Adoption as Sons of God.
__The Divine glory.
__The Covenants (Abrahamic, Mosaic, and Davidic).
__The Law and the Ten Commandments.
__The Temple Worship.
__The Promises of God.
__The Patriarchs and the Prophets of God who prophesied about our day.
__The Savior of the world, Jesus Christ, our Messiah!

The Jews were given a grave responsibility of trust. But, sadly, they failed in their assignment. That assignment was then transferred to the Gentiles, who have been fulfilling it for the last 2000 years.

The Jews have been and continue to be a focal point in Bible prophecy. These following prophecies about them have either already been fulfilled or will be fulfilled:

___Their dispersion (Deuteronomy 28: 64; Leviticus 26: 33)
___Their persecution (Deuteronomy 28: 65)
___Their desolation (Leviticus 26: 33; Deuteronomy 29: 22-23)
___Their preservation (Isaiah 66: 22; Jeremiah 30: 11)
___Their return to their homeland (Isaiah 11: 10-12; Ezekiel 36: 22-28)
___The establishment of their nation as a sovereign state (Isaiah 66: 7-8; Zechariah 12: 3-6)
___The blossoming of Israel’s prosperity (Isaiah 45: 1-7; Joel 2: 21-26)
___The restoration of the Hebrew language (Zephaniah 3: 9)
___The re-occupation of Jerusalem that occurred during the Six-Day War in June of 1967 (Luke 21: 24).
___The growth of Israel’s military strength (Zechariah 12: 6)
___The focal point of Israel in world news (Zechariah 12: 3; 14: 1-9)
___Israel’s participation in the Great Tribulation (Deuteronomy 4: 30; Zechariah 13: 8-9)
___The salvation of Israel (Zechariah 12: 10; Romans 11: 1-6)
___Their position as the foremost nation of the world during the Millennium (Deuteronomy 28: 1; Micah 4: 1-7). **

God is not finished with the Jews. They are still His chosen people, and His covenant with them will ultimately be fulfilled. Meanwhile, because Satan hates them, they will be persecuted and attacked until the second coming of Christ, at which point He will rescue them from the hands of their enemies once and for all.

The battle against the Jews is primarily a spiritual one. Satan hates God and has always wanted to be God. Since Satan hates God, he also hates those whom God loves. It is no surprise, then, that both Jews and Christians have been under attack because God loves both Jews and Christians and has covenants with them.

 “The bottom-line reason that the world hates Jews is that the world hates God.” 

As the days grow darker, we will witness more anti-Semitism and more anti-Christianity. Jesus said this in John 15: 20: “Since they persecuted me, naturally they will persecute you.” This persecution is part of endtime prophecy and will come to pass. As it increases in frequency and intensity, we can know that it is all part of the convergence process of which I wrote in my last blog post. This persecution is another clear sign that our Lord’s return in the Rapture is imminent. 

Despite the rise of anti-Semitism, Satan will never be able to  wipe out the Jews entirely. God will spare a remnant in order to fulfill His covenant. One day, Israel will recognize her Messiah, praise the Lord! What a glorious day that will be!

Prayer for Today: Lord God, we pray Your blessings upon all Jews. We thank You for giving us the Messiah through them, and we look forward for the fulfillment of Your promise to save all of Israel. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Now, it’s YOUR turn: Please share your questions and insights in the Comments box below. Thank you!

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Resources consulted:

** “The Jews in Prophecy” by Dr. David R. Reagan, Lamb & Lion Ministries

“What Is the Cause of All the Anti-Semitism in the World?” GotQuestions.org


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