by Dr. MaryAnn Diorio

“Guard your heart above all else,
for it determines the course of your life.” ~ Proverbs 4: 23

MARYANN’S NOTE: At Holy Spirit’s direction, I wil be posting a few personal experience stories over the next few weeks. These experiences happened to me over the past several years and reveal God’s supernatural presence and power in our lives. I trust that these stories will bless you, encourage you, and reveal to you how much God loves you and is involved in your life as well.

by MaryAnn Diorio, PhD, MFA

“She looks pale,” the pediatrician said as he examined my two-month-old daughter. “I want to run some blood tests on her.”

The year was 1977. The month was November. My husband, our firstborn daughter Lia, and I had recently celebrated the joyous arrival of our second child. All seemed well in our world.

At the doctor’s words, my heart clutched. “What do you think is the problem?”

His eyes reflected concern. “I’m not sure just yet. Let’s wait to see what the blood tests show.”

I swallowed hard and nodded. I don’t know what’s happening, Lord, but whatever it is, I will trust You.

I had been a follower of Jesus Christ for seven years. During that time, I had gotten to know Jesus through reading His Word, through prayer, and through fellowship with other believers. But I didn’t want only to know Jesus vicariously through the experiences of others. I wanted to sense His pulse. To see Him in action.

To feel His heartbeat.

As I read the Gospels, I noticed that people experienced Jesus. They had life-changing encounters with Him that affected their lives in personal ways. Encounters that touched them physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Encounters that changed the course of their lives.

I wanted to be a character in the Gospels. I wanted to be able to say that Jesus was not only the Savior of the world but that He was the Savior of my world.

The pediatrician turned toward me. “I’m ordering a test at the children’s hospital in the city. You will not be able to feed Gina for twelve hours prior to the test since it requires that she be fasting.”

My heart sank. My baby nursed every two hours. To deprive her of food for an entire twelve hours seemed impossible.

I mumbled a thank you and left the doctor’s office with my baby cradled in my arms and with both of us cradled in the arms of Jesus.

On the drive home, I cried out to God in anguish. “Lord, I can’t bear the thought of my Gina screaming in hunger throughout the night. You have to do something!”

The test was scheduled for a couple of days later. The night before the test, Gina fell asleep at 7:00pm. For the first time in her young life, she slept all through the night! 

But not only did she sleep all through the night, she was also still asleep when my husband and I put her in the car to go to the hospital. She slept during the entire one-hour trip to the hospital. She went into the test asleep, and she awakened only after the test was over at 9:00am. Fourteen hours of straight sleep! And fourteen hours with no food. At that point, I had a hungry baby on my hands.

My heart overflowed with thanksgiving as I gave glory to God for this miracle.

My husband and I returned home with our baby to await the test results. When they arrived shortly thereafter, they revealed the presence of an incurable lymph gland disease with a prognosis of a life span that would most likely not exceed nine years.

Fear clamped its sharp claws around my mind and whispered its ugly lies. “Your daughter is going to die.”

Braced with the Word of God, I attacked that spirit of fear with the vengeance of an angry mama bear protecting her cub from danger. “Oh, no, Satan!” My words shot through the air. “You are a liar and the father of lies. My God says that my Gina was healed by the stripes of Jesus. And what He says is true. So I silence you, foul spirit of fear, in the Name of Jesus.”

As my circumstantial world spun in a violent downward spiral, my spirit resisted and soared to grab hold of God’s promise of healing. I could not let my baby die. I would not let my baby die. In His Word, God said she was redeemed from the curse. I could stake my child’s life on that truth.

In obedience to our Lord’s command in Mark 16 to lay hands on the sick, and in accordance with His promise in the same chapter that if I did so, the sick would recover, my husband and I laid hands on our precious baby daughter and commanded the sickness to leave her body.

A pole shift occurred in the spirit realm as my Gina’s life shifted to a new axis, the axis of Truth. I fully expected her to be healed. The thought of her not being healed had no permission to enter my mind.

A few days after laying hands on my baby, I sat in my family room worshipping the Lord while Gina slept in her cradle beside me. As I worshipped and thanked Jesus for healing my baby, I felt compelled to turn on the television. I recognized the Holy Spirit’s prompting and obeyed it.

At the very instant I turned on the TV, Dr. Pat Robertson of the 700 Club was praying. He looked up at the camera and said, “There is a baby in the TV viewing audience with a lymph gland disorder, and God is healing her now.” Instantly, a sensation of warm oil poured over me, covering the top of my head and flowing down over my entire body. I jumped out of my chair and shouted, “That’s my Gina! That’s my Gina!”

I called my husband. A physician himself, he wisely advised that we obtain medical confirmation of Gina’s healing. When I took her back to the pediatrician, he ran repeat tests and could find no sign whatsoever of disease. The word of knowledge Dr. Robertson had brought forth proved true. My Gina was healed!

And I had experienced Jesus in a tangible, personal way. He had shown me His heart.

And His heart was to heal.

Today, my Gina is a beautiful, healthy 39-year-old young woman serving the Lord with all of her heart. She is a living testimony to God’s healing power and to the truth of His Word.

Most of all, she is a living testimony to the God Who proved to me that He wants to bring salvation not only to the entire world, but especially to my personal world.
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Miracles Are Still Happening: Claim Yours

by Dr. MaryAnn Diorio

“Guard your heart above all else, for it determines
the course of your life.” ~ Proverbs 4:23

I experienced a miracle this morning! Another one of many I have experienced in my life. And I want to give God all the glory by sharing with you what Jesus did for me today. The reason I am sharing is to glorify Him and to show you that you, too, can have your own miracle from God.

miracles do happen, 3D rendering, street signs

As I was making a grocery list this morning, I began to see flashes of light in my left eye. It looked like a ragged-edged raindrop and appeared every time I blinked. I immediately began to pray and to declare God’s Word over my eye. Then I contacted some fellow believers to pray, and I called a sister in Christ who prayed over my eye and spoke God’s Word over it.  The flashes immediately stopped and are completely gone. Hallelujah! Glory to God!

God’s Word is true! He says in 1 Peter 2: 24 that we were healed by the stripes of Jesus. This means that we are already healed! We are healed NOW!  

Are you facing an illness today, perhaps a serious one? If so, let me declare over you in the Name of Jesus that you are healed!

God has healed me of many things during my lifetime. He healed me of breast cancer 21 years ago. I was also healed of acid reflux disorder. God healed my younger daughter of an incurable illness at infancy. She was not supposed to live into adulthood.  Today she is a grown woman in her thirties who loves God with all of her heart, soul, strength, and mind and is serving Him faithfully.  A friend of mine was healed of Lyme disease and a liver disorder when we prayed together.  Another friend of mine was healed of persistent stomach pain. I could go on and on.

God has also healed me emotionally of trauma, childhood abuse, and perfectionism. In Psalm 23, He promises to restore our souls. He did so for me, and He will do the same for you.

Know this: God wants you well! If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you have a covenant of healing with Him. This means that healing is yours because you belong to Christ Who paid for your healing at Calvary. You have only to believe.

Begin declaring God’s Word over your situation. Call yourself healed and whole, because that is what God calls you. Receive with thanksgiving the healing that God offers you. Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price so that you could be healed and whole.

If you are interested in receiving a list of Scripture verses on healing, please send me an email address. I will be happy to send them to you. 

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN: What miracle do you need from God? How may I pray for you? Please leave a comment in the box below. Thanks!

“Miracles Are Still Happening: Claim Yours” by Dr. MaryAnn Diorio (CLICK TO TWEET)


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Sit, Stay Healthy, and Write

By nature, writing usually requires a sedentary position. When we get so engrossed in our work, however, we may sometimes forget that we need to get our bodies moving in order to stay healthy. Here are some things you can do while at your writing desk:

  • Use an exercise foot pedal to keep your circulation flowing while you write. These can be purchased online at a very reason price. Here are a few places that sell them:

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  • Get up every hour to stretch your muscles. Do some jumping jacks or stretches. Take a walk to the mailbox and breathe in the fresh air, expanding your lungs to their full capacity.
  • Don’t forget your eyes. Every ten minutes, look away from your computer at an object at least ten feet away and count to ten. This is called the 10-10-10 exercise. When we continually look at our computer screens for long periods of time, we put stress on our near vision eye muscles. These need to be relaxed periodically, so follow the 10-10-10 rule. To remind me of this, I downloaded a free application which you can find here: Vision Defense.

Follow these simple instructions so you can stay healthy and keep writing! 🙂



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