Faith Is the Victory

One of the hymns I most remember from my early days as a Christian says that “faith is the victory that overcomes the world.” As writers, we know what it is like to have the world constantly pressing in on us. Health issues, relationship issues, family issues, financial issues try to stop us at every turn from fulfilling God’s call on us to write. So how do we handle these issues?  The answer is “By faith”.

Just as it takes faith to obey Christ’s call to write for Him, It also takes faith to persevere in Christ’s call to write for Him.  Our enemy Satan and his demons are continually seeking to get us off course from the purpose God intended for our writing.  A case in point:  my husband recently had to undergo emergency bypass surgery, a situation that cut deeply into my writing time.  By faith, I placed the situation in our Lord’s hands, trusting that He would provide me with the time I needed to fulfill His call.  As always, He has been faithful in helping me to meet deadlines.

What are you facing today that may be hindering your writing?  Place it in God’s hands and keep pressing onward. Our Lord knows your difficult situation, and He will bring you through it.  You will emerge a stronger person and, because of what you learn through your experience, a better writer.


Copyright 2014 by Dr. MaryAnn Diorio, All Rights Reserved.