Do You Procrastinate?

Do you procrastinate? If so, do you know why you procrastinate? If not, read on for some insights.

Procrastination is one of Satan’s chief tools for thwarting your destiny.  If he can get you to put off the important things of life, he has you conquered. But if you recognize his tactics and know how to deal with them, you will conquer him.

Procrastination has many causes, the chief of which I’ve listed below:

  • Perfectionism. The person who procrastinates is usually perfectionistic. He procrastinates because he is afraid that he will not do perfectly the thing he needs to do.
  • Fear.  This reason is closely related to perfectionism. The fear could be fear of not doing something right, or it could be the fear of failing altogether. It could also be the fear of success.
  • Laziness. Some people procrastinate because they are just plain lazy. Scripture tells us in Proverbs 18:9 that “whoever is slack in his work is a brother to him who destroys.” Lazy people destroy not only their own lives but often the lives of those closest to them.

As Edward Young said, “Procrastination is the thief of time.”  Time is life. When we procrastinate, we allow Satan to steal our life. 

If you procrastinate, ask God to show you the reasons behind your procrastination. Then ask Him to set you free.


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(Attitude) The Perils of Procrastination

procrastinate“I’ll do it tomorrow.”  How often have you heard those words or said them yourself?  While some things must wait until tomorrow, and some things can wait until tomorrow, some things cannot wait until tomorrow.  Pursing your passion is one of those things that cannot wait until tomorrow.

For most of us, writing is a passion that has become a profession. To neglect to write would, therefore, be to neglect our passion and, in so doing, to neglect our profession.

Yet, why do some writers often find themselves putting off until tomorrow what they should do today?  Here are a few reasons, most of which are excuses:

1)  I don’t have time to write. All of us have the same number of hours in each day. How we use those hours reflects what is important to us. If writing is important to you, you will make time to write.  Notice, I did not say find time to write. We don’t find time to write; we carve it into our daily schedule.

2) I’ll write when the kids grow up, or when I quit my job, or when I finish my degree.  The truth is that, if you are not making time to write now, you will likely not make time to write when.  Motivational speaker Denis Waitley used to call this intangible future place Someday Isle. Are you living on Someday Isle?  If so, leave immediately and move to Now Isle.

3) I’ll write but first, I have to check my email; but first I have to do the laundry; but first I have to clean the bathroom. Jesus had a lot to say about people who put less important things first (Matthew 8:21-22). To succeed as a writer, you must make writing a top priority.

Procrastination is one of Satan’s most subtle tools to keep us from fulfilling our destiny as writers. Get wise to him and resist procrastination. If you don’t, you’ll be moving to What Might Have Been Isle, not a pretty place to live.

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