Places Published

Sampling of Places Published:
–A Time to Love Magazine
–Abingdon Press
–American String Teacher
–Bethany House
–Broadman & Holman
–By Grace Publishing
–Canadian Writer’s Journal
–Charisma Online Magazine
–Children’s Book Insider

–Christian Coaches Network
–Christian Fiction Online Magazine

–Christian Life
–Christian Parenting Today
–Cross & Quill
–Cumberland News
–Daystar Press
–Dedicated Author
–Enslow Publishers
–God Allows U-Turns
–Harbourlight Books
–Harvest House

–Healthy Kids
–Human Events
–Institute of Children’s Literature Online Newsletter
–Junior Companion
–Junior Trails
–L’Esprit Createur
–Michigan Learning
–Moody Magazine
–OakTara Publishers

–On the Line
–Pen & Sword
–Penn & Ink
–Pentecostal Evangel
–PCM Bulletin
–Power for Living
–Risk Management Review
–Romancing the Christian Heart
–Show ‘n’ Tell Magazine
–SpiritLed Writer
–Spring Hill Review
–Sunday Digest
–Sword & Plume
–The Atlantic City Press
–The Christian Communicator
–The Daystar Discipler
–The Gem
–The King’s Pages
–The Lampstand
–The Optimist
–The Saturday Evening Post
–The Wonder Years
–Thomas Nelson Publishers
–Today’s Christian Teen
–TopNotch Press
–WIN Newsletter
–Young Generation Book of Short Stories
–Zoomer & Co.

Books Published: Fiction

–The Madonna of Pisano: A Novel
(TopNotch Press, 2015 – Book 1 of The Italian Chronicles Trilogy)
–A Sicilian Farewell: A Novel
(TopNotchPress, 2016 – Book 2 of The Italian Chronicles Trilogy)
–Return to Bella Terra: A Novel
(TopNotch Press, 2017 – Book 3 of The Italian Chronicles Trilogy)
–A Christmas Homecoming: A Novella (Harbourlight Books, A Division of the Pelican Book Group, 2012)
–Surrender to Love: A Novella
(TopNotch Press, 2015) 
–Fire-Engine Love: A Short Story (TopNotch Press, 2019)
–Blind Date: A Short Story
(TopNotch Press, 2019)
–The Antique Clock: A Short Story (TopNotch Press, 2020)

Books for Children:

–Candle Love (TopNotch Press, 2015)
–Toby To Small (TopNotch Press, 2015)
–Do Angels Ride Ponies?
(TopNotch Press, 2015)
–Poems for Wee Ones
(TopNotch Press, 2018)
–The Dandelion Patch
(TopNotch Press, 2017)
–Who Is Jesus? (TopNotch Press, 2014)

Books Published: Non-Fiction
–A Student’s Guide to Nathaniel Hawthorne (Enslow, 2004) (Revised Edition: TopNotch Press, 2015)
–A Student’s Guide to Herman Melville (Enslow, 2006; Revised Edition: TopNotch Press, 2015)
–A Student’s Guide to Mark Twain (Enslow, 2008; Revised Edition: TopNotch Press, 2015)
–Balancing Your Budget God’s Way (Daystar Press, (1987)
–Dating Etiquette for Christian Teens (Daystar Press, 1984)

–Making Your Marriage Work (Daystar Press, 2003)
–Selling Yourself on You: Discovering God’s Will for Your Life (Daystar Press, 1989)
–The ABCs of TopNotch Writing (TopNotch Press, 2012; 2014)
–Writing Fiction for Children (Daystar Press, 2000)
–Writing Non-Fiction for Children (Daystar Press, 2000)

Contributor to:
–God Answers Moms’ Prayers (Harvest House, 2005)
–The Heart of a Teacher (Bethany House, 2005)
–Rest Stops for Busy Moms (Broadman & Holman, 2003)
–Rest Stops for Teachers (Broadman & Holman, 2003),
–My Turn to Care (Thomas Nelson, 1994)
–Religious Writer’s Marketplace (Abingdon, 1993)